In Memoriam
by: Steven R. Farris

Some time's past by since you passed on,
Though the pain, it hasn't faded,
I can't accept you're really gone,
Your burning light now shaded,
The memories don't seem enough,
Like time worn photographs,
I'll still keep them bright with love,
- Your smiles, your words, your laughs.

Never thought I'd be the one,
To wish for trite good-byes,
But here I am, your great-grandson,
Writing with tear clouded eyes.
I wish I could've thanked you,
For living life without pretense,
For always being who you are,
No need for excuse or defense.
For the times that you spent with me,
Despite having worked all day,
These things, upon reflection,
Without words, 'I love you' they say.
For holding me close by letting me go,
Free spirits cannot be chained,
You did your best, you never judged,
Though at times I know you were pained.

I hadn't seen you in six long years
when then Chaplain finally told me,
You're laid to rest, and rest in peace,
Now your face, I'll never see.
Should've been there by your side,
Should have been there for you,
Should've done a lot of things
I knew that I should do.

A hard way to learn contrition,
It comes at such a cost,
Here I'm left wondering
just what I've gained and lost.
So I thank you, Mamatene,
For you teach me even now,
I'll always love you, with all my heart,
Your life just shows me how.

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