by: Jaime A. Davidson

If only you could look through my eyes,
you will see that I am innocent.
While I sit in silence,
I await for the day someone will hear my cries,
and look into my soul.
I am an example of our justice system,
which we think is so fair and great....
Until, something happens to you,
then the world would hear you howl.
No proof, only the voice of pain!
I recall an old time saying...
we were once as one,
we spoke as one body and mind,
we even fought as one;
and, cried as one.
Now, I am not asking for much,
only your love, guidance and support!
Why? Because "I am innocent".
If anyone can free me,
with the will of God, Please look through my eyes;

it is you.... Yes, I AM INNOCENT!

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