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along with the application ---- set printer mode to print Portrait, 85%
Our Best Advice for Getting Responses
(Type or neatly print your ad on separate sheet -
up to 200 or 250 words, depending on ad)

#1 Tip!

  • Your photo is the only item in your ad that visually says who you are. A smile in your photo makes all the difference. It may sound simple, but we know it works. Your results in having someone write to you and get to know you is much better if you appear friendly and approachable (most people won't write to someone who looks menacing or intimidating!)

    Ads with smiling photos receive approximately 10x the number of responses as those without!

Additional Tips & Suggestions:

  • The Composite Magic Photo option allows you to take the above suggestion one step further. It's obvious by the web site that you are incarcerated, but placing you in a new, softer background (home, vacation, out 'n about, autos, etc.), gives a glimpse of "you" on the outside.
  • Tell about yourself (dreams, goals, education, profession, home town, family, friends, why you are incarcerated (optional), etc.)

  • Be sincere....be real. Readers can tell when someone is geniune about what they're saying.

  • Describe the type of person you are most interested in meeting (love, romance, friendship, support, correspondence, etc.) Do not make your description 'too' specific. It is best to eliminate people you do not want to correspond with after you've read what they had to say, than cause people not to respond because you were too narrow in your description (i.e., must be between 18 and 24, beautiful, intelligent and from the State of Idaho). You might miss out on someone who is 25 and perfect for you!

  • List your likes, dislikes, beliefs, hobbies (music, movies, sports, TV, books, writing, art, etc.)--anything you believe would allow someone to get to know you better)

  • Use a heading for your ad (something that would describe you and grab someone's attention!)

Only your ad itself has the capability to draw someone in and inspire them to respond.

  • Spend some real time writing your ad. Be open about yourself in your ad ... share just enough information that will allow the reader to learn something about you that would make them WANT to write to you and get to know you better.

  • Read it again after you write it. Would you respond to it? We can correct spelling and grammar, but it has to really SAY something first!

  • Above all, be honest in your ad and dealings with the public. Don't intentionally mislead someone who is attempting to be a friend to you. Fraudulent statements can be cause to remove ad without refund.

Legal Ads - 'Justice Denied'

Keep your ad brief and to the point. Provide a summary of your case and what you are specifically looking for in terms of help. Do not include pages and pages of information. First, it is too expensive for you to publish, and second, most readers do not want to go through volumes of information. They want concise details as to what you are looking for in terms of help.

Briefly state who you are, exactly what you are looking for and why you believe you should be helped in the following areas:

  • Attorney or Legal Assistance
  • Investigations
  • Money for Defense Fund
  • Outside Support
  • Etc.

Individuals can access your case information directly from your main ad by clicking on a link from the three separate locations where posted.

You can also help your cause. Get busy! ...write letters and let attorneys or other potentially interested parties know where they can locate you (we'll give you the web site address to your own ad). This is in addition to those individuals who will just find you while looking through ads on our web site).

Your ad must be typed or printed neatly.

How Do Your Advertising Dollars Work?

Your web page ad has the potential to be seen by millions of readers worldwide; however, no reputable company will guarantee you results with your Pen Pal ad, because no company can control how many visitors will respond to your specific ad; nevertheless, Friends Beyond The Wall, has developed avenues to ensure you obtain the best possible results for your ad.

FriendsBeyondTheWall.com is advertised in the following ways:

  • Registered With Popular Internet Search Engines
  • Advertised on Other Web Sites
  • Advertised through Web Rings
  • A Wide Variety of Print Media
  • Christian Outreach
  • Heavily through Word-of-mouth

Some companies only place you in their listings by State, or Alphabetically by last name. We place you in four distinct areas on our web site to maximize your exposure:

First Month of Your Ad:

  • New & Featured Ads Section - highest traffic area on the our web site!

For Entire Year - 4 links/routes to your ad!

  • Photo Showcase Gallery (your photo is used as a link that sends readers to your individual web page)

  • State Listing - links readers to your web page

  • Alphabetical Listing - links readers to your web page

  • Search Express Instant Friend Locator - our customers will never be buried in long lists. We developed Search Express to provide viewers the opportunity to search for new friends using THEIR search criteria (age, race, state, etc.). This allows everyone an equal opportunity to have their ad seen! (search results provided in beautiful photo gallery).

Artists & Crafters
Are you Talented and/or Creative?

If you place a pen pal ad, you can automatically add your artwork to our "Artists and Crafters Showcase Gallery." Photos are $2.50 each after the first two (one photo MUST be of you).

We KNOW there is a wealth of talent beyond the walls, and FBTW has provided a means for talented individuals to show what they can do!

Appearing in our "Artists & Crafters Showcase Gallery," your artwork will be displayed with your by-line (name) under it and will provide you with yet another link/connection to your personal web page!

Who is "Friends Beyond The Wall, Inc.?"

Join one of the fastest growing prisoner networks in the country!

Established in 1999, by the families and friends of prisoners and ex-offenders, Friends Beyond The Wall, is dedicated to creating and providing services and products specifically catering to the needs of the incarcerated population.

We are supporters and advocates of prisoners. Our staff and volunteers consist of professionals in the areas of Graphic and Web Site Design, Writers, Editors, Marketing, Prison Ministry, and Customer Service ... all with one main thing in common ... we all have family members in prison.

You will always be a valued customer to us, and our goal is to provide you with excellent products and outstanding customer service ... always at an affordable price.




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Poughkeepsie, NY 12601-7004

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Who Writes to Prisoners?
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