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Our Company is Unique...

Our staff consists of professional family members and friends of prisoners. We sincerely care about the success of our customers, and we know how important outside connections and friendships can be to help in the rehabilitation process and to ease the loneliness our loved ones must endure.

We offer both Pen Pal and Legal Ads in ad lengths of either six months, one year or two years, with every deluxe feature and option imaginable, to give our customers the best chance of success!

We invite you to shop and compare our service with others; you'll find that Friends Beyond The Wall, offers the most value for your money, along with the most beautifully designed ads found anywhere, created by graphic and web design experts.

Photo for Ad

We are also the only Pen Pal Service to offer the unique and exclusive Composite Magic Ad Option. This feature allows an inmate to place his or her photo 'inside' a new photo location to make their ad photo more appealing.

Email Express

We provide our customers with Email Express (read about this feature below!). Although prisoners have no access to computers, we simply forward their email response to them via direct mail (unfortunately, this service is not available for New York 'State' prisoners due to NYS DOC's Rules and Regulations).

These email letters are downloaded and printed as 'regular' letters. There is nothing about them that says 'Internet' so they are acceptable at almost all facilities nationwide. The benefit? It allows visitors to make an immediate connection in a way that's easiest for them....typing a message and pressing the 'SEND' button!

Our customers tell us they receive more than 80% of their responses in this manner!

Search Express!

Make time to check out our exclusive Search Express Instant Friend Locator which assures our customers are NEVER buried in long lists of names!

Web site visitors can look for new friends based on their search criteria, including: last name, age, race, state, sexual preference, legal ads, birthdays and more! They can also search for friends who have not yet received mail, as we track that for our customers as well!

Although we have no control over who may or may not write, we do guarantee that our customer's ad will be seen, and extremely high response rate for our customers is an indication of that!

We took the time to create Ad Tips & Suggestions to help our customers to be as successful as possible. You may want to print and send this information to your friend or loved one to help them with writing their ad. The #1 tip...a smiling photo (ads with smiling photos receive about 10x as much mail as those without).


Response Rate:

for members who follow
our Ad Tips & Suggestions


Friends Beyond The Wall is the ONLY prisoner pen pal company to truly stand behind our customers. If our customer follows ALL Ad Tips & Suggestions as shown in the order form and still does not receive a response within the first six months of publication, he or she will receive 6 MONTHS FREE ad time, to provide additional time for responses, as well as publication in our high traffic areas (Headine Ads/ Front Page and New & Featured Ads)--all provided FREE to further promote our customer's ad!

We are now advertised on more than 8,000 search engines, and rank in the #1, #2 and #3 positions in most of the top 12 major search engines on the Internet, as well as advertised on many different web sites, web rings and prisoner forums, a variety of printed media & heavily through word-of-mouth!

Search engine placement is extremely important, because your friend or loved one will only receive responses to his or her ad if it is seen by the outside public. We use the best search engines and 'pay' for advertising each month!

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