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Information You Need to Know
Prior to Sending Your 1st Letter!


Email Instructions

Friends Beyond The Wall is a pen pal service, and the purpose of our service is to introduce our customers to new friends and connections on the outside.  FBTW pays the entire cost of postage, materials and staff time for forwarding of all ‘first time introductory letters from new friends for the purpose of establishing a friendship' with the person listed on the FBTW Web Site. 

Subsequent correspondence after the first contact must be sent directly to the person you are writing by general mail (or through CorrLinks email if a Federal customer who has access to this service).

FBTW is not a general correspondence service and we do not pay to forward mail from family, friends or people our client already knows.

You must be at least age 18 or older to use our pen pal service.

Letters sent without return address information or correct email address will be deleted.

• Email forwarding is not available for New York 'State' Prisoners.

FBTW Forwards First-Time Response Letters ONLY. As mentioned above, FBTW DOES NOT forward email letters to our clients from people whom our clients already know (family, friends, or other outside connections). All subsequent correspondence must be conducted directly with the customer by general mail (or through CorrLinks if customer is a federal prisoner with CorrLinks access). If the person you are writing is a federal customer, ask them if they have access to CorrLinks email when you write to them, as this is a service that the Federal Bureau of Prisons is providing for many federal prisoners for them to maintain contact with family and friends.

FBTW is not a general correspondence service. FBTW is a pen pal service. No letters other than for the purpose of establishing a new friendship are forwarded.

Family and Friends - If you are a family member or friend, please contact your loved one directly at the address listed in their web site ad, or click on Email Express in the ad, but use Option 2 - Print Option, that was specifically designed for family and friends, that automatically inserts our client's name and address in a letter format for you; however, you would print and send the letter by general mail from your home or office location.

Limit of 10 letters sent per day for any one web site visitor.

Letters must be AT LEAST 50 WORDS in length (maximum length of one page).

Multiple generic letters NOT forwarded, meaning the same exact letter sent to many different people. Each letter must be unique and written specifically to the individual it is addressed to.

If the customer states a writing preference within their ad (i.e., 'prefers corresponding with a woman only,' we cannot forward email letters from a male).

No sexually explicit or letters with inappropriate language are forwarded from our company to a prison facility. Any letters along these lines will be deleted.

If you are concerned about confidentiality, you may want to consider purchasing a PO Box. In most cities, PO Boxes provide a very inexpensive way to protect your privacy.

We sincerely thank you for writing to a customer at Friends Beyond The Wall!