I was convicted of the rapes; 2 young girls and sentenced to 290 years in prison for crimes I did not commit. This is my first time in prison and before I was put in prison I owned my own business and was raising a family. I have “New Evidence” along with other evidence and facts that proves my actual innocence that was never presented to the courts or a jury. This “New Evidence” includes, but is not limited to, (ex. AA) New Affidavit explaining New Evidence and New Defense proving my Innocence. (ex. A) New medical records showing I was recently diagnosed with a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI). Records show that I had this STI the entire time the 2 complaining witnesses allege I had “unprotected” sex with them for 3 and 5 years. (ex. B) Newly Discovered medical facts about the particular STI I had sown it is “highly contagious” and “highly visible.” Records show that neither of the 2 complaining witnesses had contracted this “highly contagious” STI despite claiming to have “unprotected” sex with me for 3 and 5 years. (exs. C to L) shows multiple Affidavits, Testimony Facts, Records and Medical Records that give alibi evidence and prove that the State’s 3 main witnesses against me, which includes the 2 complaining witnesses, not only lied before trial to the police, but gave false evidence and committed perjury” multiple times in trial to frame me by collaborating together. New Evidence shows their motives for framing me. There was no physical evidence of a crime. The evidence and facts show that it was virtually “impossible” for these crimes to have occurred and I am actually innocent.

I need someone from an Innocence Program and/or a lawyer to represent me Pro Bono (or a contingency basis) to present my New Evidence for the “first time” (so I don’t screw it up Pro Se) to prove I’m actually innocent and to have me released from prison. In addition, I would need a lawyer to sue the State of Delaware and those involved for my wrongful conviction, constitutional violations and for the 14 years in prison away from my family and friends and missing being there for his children when they grew up. This could be a multi-million dollar lawsuit and would be beneficial for anyone who helps me. If you think you can help me in anyway, I can send you my New Evidence and facts proving my innocence. If you need any other information just let me know and I will send it. You can contact me at: Bruce Wood #00557815, James T. Vaughn Correctional Center, 1181 Paddock Road, DE. 19977. Also, if you give me your e-mail address I can send you a friend request and you will get a message from and/or you can go to to be instructed how to e-mail the prison I’m in.

Write to me at:

Bruce Wood
#00557815 / T-1
James T Vaughn CC
1181 Paddock Road
Smyrna, DE 19977

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