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Dear Citizens of Society,

As an advocate for the Innocent Project of New Orleans, I speak as the voice for all the wrongfully convicted men that live behind the walls… It’s sad to say these men placed their belief in the Justice System and ended up being convicted of a crime that they didn’t commit… Then later chained and led at gun point unlawfully into prison. In many cases the most damaging evidence against defendants are the finger prints on a weapon, a scientific report on blood stains, a ballistics test or an autopsy report, their results often prove innocence as well as guilt… People have been getting railroaded for years because the playing field is heavily tilted in favor of the prosecution when a defendant isn’t wealthy enough to hire the highest quality lawyers, investigators and expert witnesses to counter the prosecutions virtually unlimited resources. So the likelihood of a wrongful conviction becomes near certainty when an innocent person who doesn’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on a defense, encounters a deck stacked by such things as erroneous eyewitness identification, jail house informants, junk science, perjured testimony, prosecutor and police concealment of evidence. God has blessed us to receive Mrs. Emily Maw and her dedicated team of freedom fighters… These brave investigators, paralegals, and lawyers has helped many prisoners give back death and life sentences and now these freedom fighters need society’s help, remember gas, lunch and preparing writs cost money plus it may be one of your family members that get in trouble one day and you’ll gonna need I.P.N.O to represent them.

Innocent Project is accepting all donations; send all donations to:

Emily Maw
Innocence Project New Orleans
4051 Ulloa Street
New Orleans, LA 70119

1 (504) 943-1902


Write to me at:

Henry Francis Weber
#357193 / Eagle 2
Louisiana State Penitentiary
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Angola, LA 70712

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