I am seeking supporters and legal representation. Chronological order of relevant issues:

* Forensic analyst Toni McKinney noted that no U.C.D.M. label was attached to the evidence when it was logged in at the Sacramento crime lab. See Exhibit A.

* The Department of Justice lab in Richmond, California ran the foreign material through CODIS (Combined Offender Data Information System), it did not match my profile. These results were never disclosed.

* On February 7, 2006, Forensic analyst Kristie Abbott alleged to have found a match between my DNA and the foreign material detected on the alleged victim’s clothing.

* Based on the DNA results, trial counsel changed my defense without my consent, and admitted guilt.

* On habeas review, (2009) I argued appellate counsel and (2011) trial counsel was ineffective for failing to investigate the DNA evidence.

* The court ruled the evidence was outside the record on appeal and appellate counsel had not duty to investigate (2009), and barred the claim under the Dixon rule, as one that should have been raised on appeal (2011).

* Forensic expert Thomas Fedor, who I hired, refuted the prosecution’s theory as to how my DNA got on the alleged victim’s clothing. See Exhibit B.

* In 2015, my motion for appointment of counsel to investigate the DNA evidence, pursuant to P.C. 1405, was granted. However, the court was unable to appoint counsel because the county of Sacramento suspended its budged to appoint counsel pursuant to P.C. 1405. Appointment of counsel has been stayed since 2015.

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