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Assistance is sought to present the unjust wrongful conviction after “7” years all remedies being exhausted.

The record doesn’t consist of a verbatim word-for-word transcript of official report on initial complaint of the 911call CD state’s Exhibit 21.

Two pages missing from case file with 31 digital photos which all have caused deficiencies for an appeal. Material information holds impeaching and inconsistent testimony obtained March 17, 2017 here at the O.R.C.U. the 911 call consists of the alleged victim stating that some guy… “Some boy TRIED to rape me…” But the accused has been tried and convicted on TWO counts of rape not attempted rape.

Plus alleged victim was asked was there doubt in her mind that the accused had done this stating, “Yes…” Two male Y-chromosomal DNA mixtures were found claiming she tried do think smart and get as much info as possible before accused left. She got him to write down his name and phone #. Then she tore it up and threw it in the trash at Trial. Claimed she did this because she had no use for it. RULE 901. (a) REQUIREMENT OF AUTHENTICATION AND IDENTIFICAITON wasn’t applied. Prosecutional Misconduct. Brady Violations due process issues effected fundamental right to a fair trial!

Proof of consent, withheld statement, coerced false incriminating statements used as admissions/confessions.

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James Ray Thompson, Jr.
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