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I took Ambien and AndroGel legally when the ‘strict liability crimes’ supposedly occurred. I took AndroGel for Klinefelter Variant Syndrome as a mood enhancer and Ambien because I worked night shift and developed sleep apnea. I sleepwalk and talk in my sleep and have no memory of what I was accused of. I had lost both of my parents, a set of grandparents and a fifteen-year job in a five-year period. I originally gave a false statement under the threat of detectives arresting my wife, splitting up my five children and placing them in foster care if I didn’t, “go alone.” I made up scenarios. I took a plea while on Prozac and Thorazine.

My court appointed Attorney told me I’d get Life without Parole at trial because there was no defense. I didn’t get the medical report of discovery until three years after conviction and I could have disputed it. I filed a M.A.R. and Writ of Cert. in 2011 that were dismissed. I now have drug info from the FDA that Physicians get on Ambien and AndroGel and other pertinent documentation.

I want to file a new M.A.R. and try to get a trial for Automatism. My Attorney knew I took Ambien, yet, chose to ‘defend’ me at the plea hearing with testosterone. North Carolina prisons don’t have law libraries and I need representation. My brother tries to help, but this is bigger than the both of us. Thank you.

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Eric James Svejkovsky
Nash Correctional Institution
PO Box 600
Nashville, NC 27856

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