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Hi, my name is Derrick Lee Cardello Smith. I’m a 47-year old Black/Mexican male, Scorpio, 5’11”, 221 LBS.!

I will be honest with you because I am a man who likes to keep it real all the time…

I came to prison for a rape case and transporting weapons illegally… I just beat the rape case and I came into some money for that case, but I am serving on the weapons charges, so I will not be getting out until June of 2021.

I am a man who is straight-forward and I will tell you that I’m lonely here in prison. I am looking for female companionship while in here. I have everything I need in prison, except for that special woman, to be by my side, stand with me, and to let me take care of her financially while I am prison and when I am home. I can do that because I have money and I would be willing to pay the expenses, hotel, gas, plane fare, whatever it costs to have you here with me on visits and spending time together and to take care of your needs, you let me know, because a man would take care of these things… And what good is having money if you do not have that special someone in your life? That is what I am looking for… So if you’re interested in a man who can take care of it all then I would like for you to contact me or Jpay, or you can write me directly here at the prison… If you do write me in regular mail, please place your return address on the envelope, because the mailroom keeps the envelopes. Please write your return address on the actual letter, so I know where to write you back at.

I know this may seem weird, but I am serious about having money to make things happen. I do law work in prison and I settled a $800,000.00 lawsuit which you can look at by Googling Derrick Lee Smith V. Warden Bonit Hoffner 1:15-6v-42. After paying the prison back for my incarceration, I have $492,000.00 left. It means nothing without a good woman to spend time with and I will in fact take care of all your needs because that money is not what I need, female companionship is what I need!

So, there it is… That is who I am and what I am looking for and I can make good on what I say to you… Money is not an object to me… Because I want a good woman to stand with me and let me take care of her, the way a man should do, and that means being an asset to her not a liability!

Write me on Jpay on in the mail and tell me if you’re interested… I am for serious on this and I am looking for me a good looking woman to give me that companionship while I take care of her… Write me soon and tell me what you think okay… Bye for now…

PS. I also included and Affidavit from a witness to all of this and I wanted to make sure that you know I am telling you the truth, it is on here attached and proof of what I am saying!

~ Derrick


Write to me at:

Derrick Lee Smith
#267009 / 4-139A
Muskegon Correctional Facility
2400 S. Sheridan Drive
Muskegon, MI 49442

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