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DOJ claims exemption from Public Records ACT. I was arrested July 2010. In 2019 my “Writ” was granted a “stay” in Fed. Dist. LA for lack of evidence. Now I seek counsel for Brady Material/Exculpatory evidence… Entire trial was based on prosecutorial misconduct of false charges along w/manufactured evidence railroaded by Defense Counsel.

This is a list of evidence south/obtained:

  1. Five to Ten DNA profiles unidentified.
  2. Cops claim gun discharged w/no gunshot residue.
  3. Two recorded interviews missing/destroyed.
  4. Five photos manufactured middle of trial.
  5. No Miranda Rights violation not read in recorded interview.
  6. Numbered discovery pages missing.
  7. Pros. Key witness recants trial testimony in 2018 w/signed declaration.
  8. Def. Att. Itemized expenses/records/logs.
  9. Conflict of interest – Pros. DNA expert was employed by Def. Counsel’s CEO of Human Identification Technologies Inc.
  10. Ballistic expert needed for Lands –N- Groves.
  11. DOJ Analyst testified false as ballistic expert.
  12. White Resistance Manual manufactured for jury deliberation.
  13. Pros. Wit. Testifies entirely about hearsay/accomplice.
  14. Pros. Presents false testimony of stolen hand gun.
  15. No finger prints on drugs or safe.
  16. Pros. Jail House Snitch never cross-examined by Def. about altered letters.
  17. Improper in court room identification by two Pros. Wit.
  18. Challenge attempted murder VS flat tire.
  19. Marsden hearing to fire Def. Counsel Rule 5.162/9.10.
  20. Police destroy evidence painted color blue.
  21. Denied rebuttal witness/petitioner to retake stand.
  22. Need sealed/confidential reports.

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