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I’m seeking legal assistance with the best intentions and regards. I have no attorney at the moment. I’m in need of some effective assistance. I went to court with a court appointed counsel, which did not put up the fight I needed!

I’m looking for a legal organization, attorney that handles appeals or paralegals close to Texas, if not in Texas. I’m in search of the proper representation that can help me fight for some relief on this bogus case. There are many errors in the case, period. Please inform me is there is anything that you can help with, or what else I should try? Look over the case, the appeal and trial record. I plan on cleaning my record, expunge my record and stay out of trouble.

I hope for those set of eyes and a person with the knowledge to see what’s going on, a better insight and understanding. Find something substantial… that’ll change the temporary arrangement and help formulate a successful appeal. I have sought help from National Legal Professional Associates in Cincinnati, OH. Phone #513-247-0082 or fax 513-247-9580 which are willing to work together. They have a load of my legal paper, as well as my family.

Hope to hear something positive soon. God Bless. For more information contact me; or my family!

~ Jamiel

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J. Jamiel Simmons
Gib Lewis Unit
777 FM 3497
Woodville, TX 75990

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