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I would like to meet new friends. I have been in prison so long now that I’ve lost contact with several associates. I use to live in NYC. I work in the kitchen and teach a Spanish class four times per week. I speak English, Greek and Spanish. I play the piano, sax and trumpet. I like to cook, work out, watch movies, and spend time with friends. I need money if anyone can help me either to my account here or to help pay my lawyer.

Briefly Regarding The Case:

I was charged with 7 counts of wire fraud. The wire fraud statute stipulates that the defendant used interstate communication to obtain/defraud someone/institution out of property/money. The court knew that they did not have jurisdiction as the statute pertaining to any of the counts, therefore intentionally gave incorrect jury instructions to illegally sustain the conviction. I never used interstate communication to obtain/defraud anyone/institution out of property/money, so therefore the case will have to be overturned.

The prosecution also submitted altered evidence at the trial, which was at the bulk of the case. When I brought this out on my direct appeal the direct appeal disappeared, was never fully filed, and the prosecutor Barbara Brook was taken off the case. There are a few attorney’s that looked at my case and want to take the case but I don’t have the money to pay them. The most capable attorney costs $18.000 and will accept $9,000 down with the balance in payments over a year. Once the attorney receives the retainer and signed agreement it will take between 6 months and a year before the case is vacated. It will have to be vacated on the appellate level. The courts are taking advantage of me since I don’t have an attorney.

If anyone can help me I will work out an agreement to pay it back and would also be open to a place to stay while I do it if we both agree. I hope to hear from you.

Write to me at:

Jeremie Tyler Sheneman
#78499-053 / S-08
FCI - Terre Haute
PO Box 33
Terre Haute, IN 47808

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