Legal Info That I'm Requesting


1. A timeline on how long for an Illinois Appellate Court Judge to make a ruling on cases.

2. Info on Illinois DNA on Sexual Assault (What can or can’t the victim do after they claim they were sexually assaulted).

3. Preliminary Hearing Transcript on Case No. 16-CR-0988401.

4. Court & Police Reports on Case No. 15-CR-725701.

5. Can you please provide me some names, addresses & phone numbers to any good paid criminal lawyers in Chicago to retain. Also, how much do they charge per year.

6. If you’re under arrest, does that mean that you’re being charged.

7. Can you please provide me some lawyer’s review on Richard Dvorak, R. David Donoghue, Michelle Gonzales & Sam Adams, Jr.

8. Can you please provide me some new Illinois Criminal & Prison Laws that are suppose to affect in 2020.

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Timothy Maurice Reliford
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Danville Correctional Center
3820 E. Main St.
Danville, IL 61834

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