Justice Denied


To Whom It May Concern:

Close to 20 years ago a white-male was the unfortunate victim of a first-degree murder and car theft. Even more unfortunate, my twin brother, Glenn and I were the targets of and subsequent scapegoats for the case. Not only were we charged, but we were also convicted. For the last 17 and a half years we’ve relentlessly pursued every available remedy thus far to prove our innocence, however, every attempt has been unsuccessful.

There were two other people targeted as well. Police interviews with those two resulted in coerced confessions. In exchange for their statements and subsequent testimonies against Glenn and I, both were offered similar deals. One having a sentencing cap ranging anywhere between 6-20 years and the other 6-24. Only one of these individuals actually testified, in which he received a 6-year sentence that ran concurrent to an already served 6-year sentence. Immediate release! The other, she refused to testify and later plead guilty receiving 40 years. Since, she has signed an affidavit illuminating the coercion (see Exhibit 2).

Our convictions rest solely on the uncorroborarting testimony of the alleged accomplice. There’s no physical evidence linking any of us to this case (see Appellate Court Opinion at 324 I11.App.3d 671). In fact, all the real and corroborating evidence that was unreasonably discarded, tells an entirely different story.

The evidence that was ignored was: A witness heard the victim vehicle crash around 4: something in the morning of September 2, 1994; Another witness, reported to the authorities of observing two “suspicious” white-males near the crime scene at 4: something this same morning; and a confidential source contacted an off-duty detective informing him that he knew the individuals responsible, that they were two Caucasian males (see Exhibit A & Exhibit B).

Several prints were lifted from the vehicle, which excluded all four of us, including the victim (see Exhibit 1 & Exhibit 3). A detective testified suggesting a hair strand was found on the airbag, but was never tested. Also, there was Caucasian hair discovered on both the driver and passenger seats, which the victim was also excluded as the donor of that profile (see Exhibit 4).

None of this evidence as explained here was pieced together and properly presented to the jury. Even more crazy, all this evidence was accumulated within a two-year period before we were even charged.

Justice has definitely been denied us at every turn thus far. And until we can generate that much needed outside voice, it’ll continue to be denied. Help our cry for justice be heard.

Mr. Lenn D. Reed, Sr.

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