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My case in a nutshell [1] My physical evidence (A) Gold grill found on scene (B) T-shirt on scene (C) No gun.

[2] Perpetrator described as 5’10”-6’0”, 180 lbs., dark-skinned, skinny, with gold teeth (A) I am 5’5”, 250 lbs., light complexion, no gold teeth/grill.

[3] The Jury’s deliberation question: “What does it mean in laymen’s terms, if we find him guilty but the State did not prove it beyond a reasonable doubt?”

[4] Multiple people either said it was not me or it was committed by someone else (A) They were not interviewed by my P.D. (B) One who was interviewed, was told not to testify, the State would hold it against him. Yes my P.D. told him that and admitted it on record.

[5] Only two guys with deals implicated me (A) One could not ID me until the State’s Attorney pointed me out twice (although he had been given a previous suggestive ID). Even with being placed in the cell pretrial with me. (B) The deals were for two attempted murderers and two Agg. Discharge for one and Drug and Traffic cases on the other.

[6] I made no statement, nor did I testify.

[7] A detective from another county called the investigators on this case with leads to the actual perpetrators, that were ultimately ignored.

[8] I have more exhibits to prove my innocence but please read my two attached exhibits. I am a wrongfully convicted man looking for (A) Pro-Bono lawyer (B) Legal Aid (C) Legal Assistance (D) My info forwarded to a legal clinic/school.

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I thank you for your time.

-Chris Reed

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