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I was sentenced to a 182-year Federal Prison Term! After myself & a Caucasian female companion were pulled over by her ex-boyfriend Sgt. Beltz, who’s a Sgt. With the Jacksonville Sherriff Police Department in Jacksonville, FL Sgt. Beltz accused me in a “police report” of having drugs & an illegal firearm inside my vehicle during a traffic stop, all along when I seen Sgt. Beltz plant it in my vehicle. The Prosecutor told Sgt. Beltz not to appear at my jury trial, just to have to deny any allegations.

After my female companion testified before the Federal Grand Jury in my favor! She got killed before my jury trial started & she was my witness to this nightmare. I’m still living. The 11th Cir. Court of Appeals says it’s ok that I didn’t face my accuser. I have proof of Prosecutor misconduct & proof of my innocence.

I need your advice & help to start an on-line petition, so I can get a fair trial & a chance to face Sgt. Beltz,  my accuser. Thank you for your time & support in this matter.

Thank you,


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Patrick Porter
#31423-018 / C-120
USP - Coleman I
PO Box 1033
Coleman, FL 33521

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