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Maurice Pledger Criminal Case #99cr4911 seeking help on criminal conviction, which is an extended case of Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge. First time in jail but it seems like they gave me time where no one would notice and going on 17th year with not even a time reduction no one has. For me conviction alone ruined my life. I like to work but wouldn’t hardly get work after having done jail time so this Is over kill and I hope somebody will help me learn why and regain freedom.

Then I have a 1983 law suit Case #15-1251 in Central District Illinois where I hear getting a lawyer’s impossible on a contingency fee basis, deliberate indifference too serious medical need which caused permanent injuries. It’s like an unmarked Death Row you get sick in prison. Being a Ward of State prisoner one would think he has health issues & they would be addressed but were dying in some cases. I was close to dying.

Even now they can ask if anything is wrong at health care and you tell ‘em & they respond that’s nothing. I need help please. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Write to me at:

Maurice Pledger
Hill Correctional Center
600 S. Linwood Rd, PO Box 1700
Galesburg, IL 61402

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