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- Co-Defendant Foster made three conflicting statements to detectives, which caused my 3-20-00 unlawful arrest, search and seizure of inadmissible irrelevant evidence used for trial and retrial.

- I was indicted on Murder-1 and Armed Robbery.

- The 2001 Jury found me guilty as an aider and answered three interrogatory questions, stating: I didn’t actually possess a firearm, discharge a firearm, nor inflicted death to victim as a result of discharging a firearm in my possession; which foreclosed essential elements and critical issues of ultimate facts of Murder-1 FS 782.04(1) (a) and Armed Robbery FS 812.12(2)(a); prohibiting retrial on same per Collateral Estopped and Double Jeopardy Safeguards.

- I was given two Life Sentences and imprisoned.

- In 2003, the 4th DCA reversed and remanded for a new trial, which ensued contrary to Collateral Estopped and Double Jeopardy.

- Said Co-Defendant (Prosecutor’s key witness) testified at retrial that He (not Me) actually killed and arm robbed the victim.

- I was convicted of Murder-3 and Armed Robbery, sentenced to 15 years and Life respectively, then imprisoned.

- In 2016, I discovered new evidence of BS0 deficient Crime Lab, and Chemical Imbalance in my brain.

- Currently Pro-Se in Federal Court.

- Seeking assistance in securing counsel and spreading public awareness about my Unlawful Incarceration.

- When free, I’ll resume college to study Law and Ayurveda, considering my Blackstone Paralegal Certificate, and SYDA Yoga Certificate, obtained in prison.

- Kindly contact me via E-mal by establishing a free account with J-Pay and/or via snail mail at my address.

Thanks and God Bless.

Write to me at:

Nyka Tassiant O'Connor
Wakulla Correctional Institution (Annex)
110 Melaleuca Drive
Crawfordville, FL 32327

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