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I have been falsely convicted of a crime I did not commit and I can prove it! I was convicted with no accusations or identification from any witness or victim. No one claimed to see me commit any crime or even identified my voice as one of the accused.

The victim in my case never mentioned me any whatsoever only my co-defendant. My co-defendant never accused me of any wrong-doing or testified against me. The face of my poverty is the only reason I was convicted and still remain in prison.

I am from Virginia however was convicted in Georgia. Before this wrongful conviction I had no previous criminal history as a juvenile or adult. I have been sentenced to twenty years to serve despite no evidence. All statements I have presented are facts. My trial transcripts prove my innocence. If I was guilty of the crime accused I would not have went to trial with a court appointed lawyer. Is there anyone who will hear me out!!

I am seeking assistance from anyone who will simply look at the facts. I am fighting for relief pro-se and would greatly appreciate legal assistance.

Thank you & God Bless.

Write to me at:

Rudolph Lemal Nunnally
#1000289222 / I-A
Riverbend Corr. Fac.
196 Laying Farm Road
Milledgeville, GA 31061

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