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I pointed out in my article that, the minute my suit was seized without warrant, I became my framer’s belonging. When I raised my voice to cry out for help, they responded by pulling out their most effective crimes concealing weapon, their “psychiatrist.” In order to bring discredit to my factual revelation regarding the police planting of the drop of blood, I was sent to see their psychiatrist who made the following observations:


Delusion, Disorder, Persecutory and Grandiose Type.
Paranoid Personality Disorder.
Global Assessment of functioning Scale: 40 his behavior is by impairment in reality testing.
He is delusional and his judgment is impaired.

Here you have it! I have been endured an egregious injustice, I pointed it out, I am called “mad man.”

Strange but true, their account of the fact, is by all measures more believable.

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Joel Myrtle
#525480-674454A / 2L-72
New Jersey State Prison
PO Box 861
Trenton, NJ 08625

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