Brief Summary Of My Case


I was charged and convicted of:

-2 counts of murder in the second degree
-2 counts of Attempted Murder
-2 Counts of weapons, possession in Second Degree &
-2 Counts in the Third

As of now I’m in the process of trying to find a lawyer to represent me. I have a bunch of appeal issues that needs to be addressed to the court to reverse my conviction. The issues I have is the following:

  1. Prosecutial Misconduct
  2. Indictment might be defective
  3. DNA issue that can get me a new trial
  4. Confrontational Clause issues that can get me a new trial
  5. Ineffective of Assistance of Trial and Appellate Counsel

If there’s further information needed feel free to write me about it.

Write to me at:

Naim Muhammad
Green Haven Correctional Facility
PO Box 4000
Stormville, NY 12582

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