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My name is Trent and I am an innocent man. On March 4, 2004, I was charged with First Degree Murder for the death of my girlfriend’s four-year-old daughter, but was released on my own recognizes on March 12, 2004, due to lack of evidence. From the very beginning, I was the only person suspected but should not have been. The step-grandfather tested positive for the same sexually transmitted disease, Chlamydia, as the child when a rape kit was performed for possible sexual abuse. The same man molested the child’s mother when she was a child.

The mother of the child was more concerned with the results of the rape kit when the doctors told her that her child was brain dead. There was a bite mark on the child’s buttocks the pathologist said in autopsy report was “size of a small child’s mouth,” which pointed to her six-year-old brother. The only thing the State had on me was that I was with the child when she collapsed while her mother and brother were in other parts of the house.

No doctors involved knew what caused subdural hematoma that child died from. Two doctors hired by the State said Shaken Baby Syndrome. In a February 2006 Bench Trial, my trial attorney chose not to have anyone testify on my behalf.

I was convicted of Second Degree Murder and have a Life Sentence. I am seeking any help available. Thank you.

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Trent Anthony Miller
#507465 / Hawk 3-L-5
Louisiana State Penitentiary
General Mail
Angola, LA 70712

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