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My name is Marcus Merrill. I am currently incarcerated in Jefferson City, Missouri Department of Corrections. I’ve been incarcerated for 22 years fighting this injustice and wrongful conviction from a legal system where justice was denied. I am serving a Life Sentence without the possibility of Parole. My case is an identification case where the evidence was weighed on hearsay identification testimony from an out to court photo spread array lineup that was the nucleus of the case, then later proven that I was not picked out in trial or from the same photo spread array lineup during the trial proceedings after further investigation. I also wasn’t picked out in a special live lineup, furthering my research of this evidence. It came to my attention that this special live lineup photo spread has come up missing after reading the discovery report. All the video lineup tapes were turned over except this key video.

I have documentation that this videotape exist and was recorded, alone with the logging cassette number and a written letter from the Kansas City Police Department. I’ve tried several open record departments seeking out this information.

I am seeking some legal assistance from any available organization who will help me fight this injustice and wrongful conviction. The facts and evidence of my case are unique and presents a novel issue of prosecutorial misconduct and with-holding exculpatory evidence and failure to comply with the discovery rule of statutory law.

If you require additional information and documentation regarding my case please do not hesitate in contacting.


Write to me at:

Marcus Dwayne Merrill
#528341 / 4B-116
8200 No More Victims Rd.
Jefferson City, MO 65101

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