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Help Wanted! In need of simple assistance. Can pay if price is not too high, or if payments can be made. In 2006 I was one of the three arrested for the murder of a friend who had raped a 12-year old girl we knew. Though I was not the one who killed the victim and we had only meant to beat him up for the rape. The one who did kill him took a 10-year plea and said I did it all. I am the only one to receive life imprisonment.

The help I need simply consists of retrieving some paperwork regarding my case so I may find a few witnesses the Detective talked to, but my court appointed attorney never contacted. These witnesses hold vital information proving I did not kill the victim. This may not overturn my entire case, but it will lower my sentence to less than life. The following are the pieces of information I need in order to find these witnesses:

• All investigation and-or interview notes and reports concerning everyone the Detective and-or Texas Ranger spoke to in their investigation of this case.
• All interrogation notes (handwritten or transcribed) of anyone the Detective and the Texas Ranger may have interrogated (my own included).
• All witness statements.

Please contact me at the address listed if you or someone you know can help and-or if you need any further information. Case No. F-2006-1748-A; Detective Richard Anders of the Lewisville Police Dept.; Texas Ranger Tracy Murphry (now Sherriff of Denton County); 16th District Court, Denton County Texas.

Write to me at:

Marshall Wayne Mashburn II
Ramsey I Unit
1100 FM 655
Rosharon, TX 77583

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