Ladies and Gentlemen:

Welcome! My name is Byron C. LaFleur. I'm an aspiring entrepreneur who understands the way of the world. I've been inspired with a vision for the betterment of society. I can't turn into a reality without the help of aware and dedicated professionals.

While I've been incarcerated, I've received a Lamar State College technical diploma in Building Trades. I'm diligently working towards an AS in Business Management from Ashworth College. I've received Adult Continuing Education certificates in the following:

*Parenting *Real Estate Investing
*Accounting *Beginner's Typing
*Basic Electricity *Advanced Typing

I'm searching for professionals - who are interested in doing "pro bono" work - in the following:

*Criminal Attorney *Tax Strategist
*Business Attorney *Certified Public Accountant
*Attorney specializing in contracts *Bookkeeper
*Corporate Specialist in corporate set up *Economist
*Corporate Administrator *Real Estate Attorney
*Financial Planner *Business Mentors
*Information Consultants  

The Character traits I'm looking for are:

*Awareness *Humility
*Tenacity *Introspectiveness
*Intrepidness *Fairness
*Loyalty *Patience
*Competitiveness *Self-Determination
*Inquisitiveness *Astuteness
*Integrity *Excellence

The professionals I'm looking for ask "WHY" and have the heart to do something about it. Fear is what keeps us from reaching our full potential! Let's grow together! I look forward to working with you.

Please send your credentials.

-Byron C. LaFleur

Write to me at:

Byron Charles LaFleur
USP – Beaumont
PO Box 26040
Beaumont, TX 77720

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