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I’m serving a federal sentence of 20 years on the charge of violating Title 18 U.S.C.2252A(a). I do “not” have a hands on rape or child molestations. My case is just transportation of child pornography. I’m on appeal right now in the 10th Cir. Court of Appeals. I have this case docketed as pro-se, which was written up by another inmate on my behalf.

From childhood I was diagnosed with learning disabilities, Bi-Polar, and a number of other mental health issues. I was also a victim of sexual abuse while entrusted to the care of a mental health facility. On this case a mental health evaluation was done, but had “not” been presented to the sentencing judge, prior to sentencing.

I am also seeking the assistance of an Estates and Civil Attorney’s. An Estates Attorney to help me with my trust fund. The Civil Attorney to fight for compensation on physical deformities directly resulting from the medications I’ve been on for years causing me to have enlarged breasts.

~ Troy Howard

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Troy Howard
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