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I am innocent of this 1995 case. I am asking and need help in my case. My name is James E. Houck ID 421-024 ID 1474477. I am 51 years old looking for someone to come into my life to help me out to take my case, pay attorney, or a pro-bono attorney to take my case or raise money for me to pay attorney to take my case. I am serving a Life Sentence with Parole. I will be seeing Parole on November 25, 2023.

I am looking for legal services or a pro-bono attorney to take my case to file motion, appeals, certificates, Habeas, re-open post conviction services, US Supreme Court to work on my case 119811C.

This is summarization of my case. This is a 1995 DN Case.

1. The State Attorney withholding some evidence in my case. 1. Withholding the 911 taped recording in my case. 2. Withholding the metro train video in my case. 3. Withholding DNA medical examiner 1995 reports. 4. Withholding police reports. 5. Withholding the victim taped video testimony. Withholding DNA and fingerprint of testimony of the black screen driver and the phone cord.

2. My old attorney failing to call a fingerprint expert in my case. 1. Failing to send someone to investigate the scene of the crime to get the video evidence in the building. 2. Failing to inform me that my guidelines will be changed.

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James E. Houck
#421-024/1474477 / H-4-30
13800 McMullen Hwy SW
Cumberland, MD 21502

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