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I am seeking assistance in proving a 2001 wrongful conviction case out of Benton Harbor, MI.

At the age of 21, lacking education, wealth, family or support system, I was wrongfully convicted for first-degree murder and sentenced to a term of natural life without the possibility of parole.

Having no physical evidence in this case, no eye-witnesses, and having the police ignore the solid alibi witnesses, I was convicted solely on the word of a neighborhood drug addict who testified to having spoken to the victim via dying declaration in which he identified me as the shooter.

15 years later, this witness now states she wishes to come forward to set the record straight and let it be known that the entire testimony of the dying declaration was fabricated by the lead detective in this case who threatened, coerse, and intimidated her into giving it.

Since that time, DNA evidence from the gun shells left at the scene have positively identified another previously unknown suspect as a possible perpetrator of this crime.

I am seeking a private investigator and/or paralegal to assist in obtaining affidavits, etc. to present to the courts so that I may prove my innocence and possibly the identity of the true culprit.

Please, someone out there, please listen to me and give me a chance to prove my accusations. The price for your work and any feel incurred is open for discussion.

Thank you for your time and concern.

~Joseph Hill

Write to me at:

Joseph David Hill
G Robert Cotton Corr Facility
3510 N Elm Street
Jackson, MI 49201

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