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Hello, my name is Harold Hempstead. Family and friends call me “Joe.” I was sentenced to 165 years in prison for burglaries and dealing in stolen property. There’s no parole in Florida and I have to do 85 percent of my 165 years. Nobody was home during the burglaries and nobody was physically harmed. There was no evidence at trial except 2 people who were given immunity on dozens of crimes to say I told them to commit the crimes they admitted to committing. Also, during my trial, a juror admitted he was offered money to find me guilty.

My judge was later kicked off the bench for watching porn, reprimanding jurors, and inappropriate communications. There’s dozen of legal errors in my case. I’ve asserted my innocence since my arrest. I was set up. I previously got detectives with the Department in trouble and at the time of my arrest I was involved with a well-documented corruption investigation against a detective in the department.

You can learn more about me by Googling my name, or a nickname of mine “Caged Crusader.” Some of the articles will mention how when I was 13 years old law enforcement unlawfully recruited me to engage in intelligence gathering. Articles will also show I have a long history of speaking out against corruption.

I’m in need of an attorney. I’d love to communicate with anybody about my case or anybody that wants to be friends. If I don’t respond to your letter that means I didn’t receive it. I was probably transferred or something else happened. Please rewrite me. If I’m ever transferred I’ll advise “Friends Beyond The Wall,” as soon as possible of my new address.

Thank you for visiting my ad. I look forward to hearing from you. Take care.

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Harold William Joseph Hempstead
PO Box 5000
Mountain City, TN 37683

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