Court Case #1401049
San Bernardino Superior


Hi, I am Manuel Gutierrez in a jail center for violation of a state law by being arrested for obstructing/delaying, possession and stalking. I was arrested in a location other than the occurring incident allegedly entered. I am a prime fine man who is excelling over six feet tall. I have potential for something to grow or spread. I like to be assertive and exercise. I am a California native, a Mexican American male Hispanic citizen.

In this jail, I have no future of improvement by accomplished skills of rehab/programs. I submitted-not allowed. I trust there is an energetic body who can have some appreciation for being a “traveler.” I like all the value of rational and inequalities so expect to have multiply and divide-no loss in my answer. I like intelligent people. I have been in prison over 10 years now and in California safe keeping. The society has a recession and I’m being jailed with no statuary rights. I’m looking for a correspondence with relationship continuing and perhaps some friendship and post benefits.

I want to go to a University/Community College or be in an Accountant, Audit Person. My legal needs are some minor requests. I have to know all my discovery reports and witness testimony statements and credibility with hopeful reconcile along with the history of the conspiracy theoretically.

I am eligible for a complaint by Penal Code 800-900 writ of mandate, but in substitute Habeas Corpus. I could overlook my jail incarceration and if there is a rearrests, the Magistrate can have the rights enforce me.

~Manuel Gutierrez

Write to me at:

Manuel A. Gutierrez
#140234352 / 5 #10
West Valley Detention Center
9500 Etiwanda Ave
Rancho Cucamunga, CA 91739

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