Dear Law professions,

Hi, my name is Inmate Gene Groves, and I’ve been illegally incarcerated for a little over 41 years, and according to Ohio’s Law, the foreperson of the Grand Jury, must endorse an Indictment when so found, without the endorsement of the Foreperson of the Grand Jury, then there is No indictment, and the Judge does not have the Jurisdiction can be challenged. I know nothing about law, but out of desperation, I filed a Habeas Corpus in the Federal Court, which was the wrong court; I have a learning disability, and I can’t find a lawyer or anyone that’ll take my case, but when I filed the Habeas Corpus, it was denied, and when the Ohio’s Assistant Attorney responded to my Hab. She committed FRAUD! By falsifying my indictment, stamping a name on it, and claiming that it’s the endorsement of the foreperson of the Grand Jury, for the sole purpose of keeping me in prison, knowing that I’m unlawfully incarcerated, and she does state that she got a copy of my indictment from the Department of Corrections, and NOT!! From the Hamilton County Clerk of Court. The Department of Corrections does not have inmate indictments, although the Department of Corrections does have the inmate’s admitting papers and sentencing judgment entry!! I’m enclosing a letter that I received from the Attorney, Mr. B. Perkins, stating that my indictment is defective, and the kind of motion that he can file. Although, his concern is getting paid, putting money above having a moral compass, and justice. I don’t have any money, and I’ll die in here if no one out there is willing to take on my cases.

My other case besides the one that I’m illegally incarcerated on from 1975, in 2010, I was attacked by a white Supremacist, and no one was willing to ethically represent me, and I was forced to plead guilty, and when the (DA), took the case to the Grand Jury, he lied to the Grand Jury, by making a false claim, saying that I had dilled someone in Warren County. If July 24, 1995, and the court records will prove that I never killed anyone in Warren County… but the Ross County (DA) lied to the Grand Jury, and when the Grand Jury handed down the indictment, they got on the indictment that I killed someone (no name is mentioned). But they say I killed someone in Warren County, plus, they do not have the white Supremacist name nowhere in the indictment that I’m accused of killing, and the indictment from Ross County, is built solely on my Defective Indictment that I’m unlawfully incarcerated on. I told the judge about it, but he didn’t care!! As I’ve mentioned, that I was forced to plead guilty because no attorney would ethically represent me… and they also breached the plea agreement…

I have the paper work on everything I am saying to you in my plea for someone that’s willing to take on my case… Again, pleas see enclosed letter form the Attorney stating that my indictment is defective… but unfortunately I don’t have any money to hire an attorney. The so-called equal and fair justice system is very much broken. No money equals no justice. Please contact me for more info at Eugene Groves, #A144-869, 2001 East Central Ave. (T.O.C.I.), Toledo, Ohio 43608…

I plead to anyone out there, even if you’re not in the Law Practice, but can assist me in getting some legal help, you’re also welcome to do so. I am a 63-year old African American, in dire need of my freedom. Please help me!!!! My thanks to you in advance…

-Gene Groves

Write to me at:

Eugene Groves
Toledo Correctional Inst.
2001 E. Central Ave., PO Box 80033
Toledo, OH 43608

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