"FLORIDA Case of Innocence and Trickery"
With an admitted fake arrest.



In the mid-eighties I took a job as a maintenance assistant of an apt complex and soon became manager. In 89 I was terminated. Later in 1990, a bombing took place at one of the apt's of over 200 causing a man's death. This incident was several months AFTER my termination.

In 95, I was arrested for bad checks. I called a friend, Ken Pender and he told me he had gangster friends that could help me. In return, Ken also told me to tell his gangster friend that I was the one that committed the crime in the apt complex. I believe Ken saw the reward and told the authorities I confessed.

Pender later testified he was working with the government and receiving money to help trick me.

I remain convicted of a crime with admitted FAKE Arrest and Juror NOT knowing English! Unaware of when it occurred. And without the knowledge to commit as shown in the enclosed legal documents. Receiving a life sentence without parole for "destruction of interstate commerce property" but the Federal Judge found me guilty of Private Property Destruction, at my sentencing (State Charge) and not on my fabricated indictment, two months after my fake arrest.

6-page summary available, upon request.

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Clear case of trickery & innocence

Many years ago I was the maintenance supervisor of a large apartment complex. Unexpected, the apt. manager and myself were terminated. Almost a year LATER a small explosion occurred which caused a death to a new tenant. Who did not live there at the time of my employment. Approximately one month afterwards the ATF doing the unsolved investigation included me to take a polygraph..which I PASSED and cleared myself. I had no way to know the victim . And had a very successful business at the time it occurred. Eyewitnesses gave the same descriptions at the time of incident; which none fit myself. Most all the tenants knew me anyway!

Over five years later I was in the county jail for the first time. Facing bad check charges and very frightened. I was calling an alleged friend, since being kids and who I trusted. During a call he advised me of having powerful gangster friends who owed him a favor and could get me out of the bad check charges. But he wanted me to impress them! So in return he asked me to make up a story about the still unsolved crime that happened where I used to work. Advised also that if they thought I was their type, they would do even more after getting me out. I explained of NO knowledge to commit crime and may be in-danger if caught being deceitful. He said to just claim of being involved somehow..

My so-called friend had seen advertized reward money for information. And was setting me up to receive such! His alleged gangsters were under cover agents! Who were not aware of my friends plot. And together created their own! As making up the story without knowing any of the connect details, noting fit the crime! It is alleged they were too deep into their scheme of trickery to stop! My bad check charges were dropped with the assistance of State Attorney so to believe my friend and make up the story for him to receive the reward. The authorities were never aware of my friends request to make up story!

RE: My unjust trial-of-trickery which included an admitted FAKE arrest, DRUNK attorney, JUROR NOT knowing English along with Grand Jury WITHOUT indictment that was somehow fabricated two months AFTER the fake arrest and never signed along with many other rights violations etc.! I was on mild medication in the county jail... which strangely got increased to the point that I could not take the stand to defend myself. There are two deceitful statements in my P.S.I. which I feel was done to abate any assistance and expose the amazing case-of-wrong-doings! The prosecutor was caught doing exactly the same as in my case just after my trial and forced to resign! Fake arrest was one MONTH past the statue of limitations.

There are many more unbelievable wrong doings and unjust issues with more details in the available six pager summary. ALL issues and statements are VERIFIED with exiting legal documents as exhibits. Plus many more, upon request.

I appreciate your interest-of-justice.

-James Grimes

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