I am seeking legal representation on a Pro bono and/or contingency fee basis pertaining to the following case(s):

  1. United State of America v. John Leonard Ecker No. CRIM.A. 89-30028-NMG
  2. Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. John L. Ecker Docket Nos. HDCR 2014-000221, et as.

In United States of America v. John Leonard Ecker, No. CRIM. A. 89-30028-NMG, I was held in federal custody for 20 years on a single count charging Felon, in possession of a firearm. That charge was eventually dismissed by the United States District Court in Boston which found that I had been held in custody longer than I would have had I been allowed to have a trial, found guilty and sentenced. The Court found that this unlawful custody in federal prison violated my Fifth Amendment rights under the United States Constitution. While in federal custody, I suffered physical and emotional abuse, served numerous incident reports that I was not guilty of, complained about the abuses through the administration remedy procedures, which were usually denied. Also, I believe that the United States prosecutor in the case had a hidden agenda with regard to the prosecution of the case as evidenced by the prosecutor’s assertions to the Court that I had allegedly looked at females on the college campus I was attending which allegedly made them feel uncomfortable and then alleging that I was a “serial stalker” of women as reported by the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald for becoming inappropriate with the female caretakers who were responsible for my care and custody while I was in federal prison. I am innocent. The media reports were slanderous, advanced allegations I was never charged with, unduely influenced peoples’ opinions of me following released, interfered with my ability to obtain employment, and was a direct contributor to my demise regarding my present state incarceration. Also, I was victimized in relation to the 1992 missing women case in Springfield, Missouri, and found incompetent and used as a human experiment because I had reported my beliefs of US government involvement, culpability, and complicity in the missing women case.

In Commonwealth v. John L. Ecker, Docket Nos. HDCR 2014-000221, et als., I was convicted after a jury trial of one count of Witness Intimidation for which I received a 5-7 year prison term and Criminal Harassment for which I received a 2-1/2 year from and after sentence. I am innocent of both the conviction(s) and sentence(s) are being appealed. There were numerous improprieties in regards to the investigation, representation, and prosecution of the case, which are under review by state and federal agencies. Some of the improprieties include: missing testimony, age/religious discrimination, discrimination based upon mental/developmental disorder, collusion between the Hampden County District Attorney’s office and the police department’s Special Victims Unit, witnesses and complainants contacted by the US Marshalls and allegedly told that I was known for stalking women, and witnesses and complainants being influenced by the prosecutor and the slanderous media reports regarding the pursuit of criminal charges.

Some of my stated goals are as follows:

  1. Author and publish a book;
  2. Release and vindication from current incarceration arising from criminal conviction(s) which I believe are wrongful;
  3. Possible civil lawsuit and/or to pursue out of court resolution/settlement stemming from issues surrounding my federal and/or state incarceration(s) which I believe were/are wrongful;
  4. Ability to renew my Massachusetts Insurance Producer’s license and to apply and receive other professional licenses;
  5. Finding suitable employment and relocation in, and/or out of this country as the circumstances and/or job may require;
  6. Possible change of name due to slanderous media reports, damage I have suffered to name and reputation, and potential safety risks.

Please contact me at the address listed. You may also find additional information about me on my Facebook page at J Leonard Ecker. Where you will also find a narrative I authored describing events leading up to my current incarceration entitled, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

Thank you for your time and prompt attention of these matters.

John Leonard Ecker


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John Leonard Ecker
Old Colony Corr. Center
1 Administration Road
Bridgewater, MA 02324

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