My Life
by Jaime Davidson

I was born October 16, 1968 as Jaime A. Davidson (aka “GRINGO”). The youngest of four children born to Shirley & Isaac Davidson, Sr., in Panama City, Panama.  Upon entering the Federal Bureau of Prison, I was a 23 year old bilingual Reggae Recording Artist, Dancehall Promoter and father of one (Jaime Jr.).

Living in New York City, my life as an artist started to shine after recording my first hit single (Shabba Ranks, “Trailer Load of Girls”), in Spanish. I was know for being the owner of “BABYQUAKE HI-POWER”, a $500.000.00 sound system, representing the Flatbush area in Brooklyn, NY. I had a reputation for giving free concerts as a way of helping local colleges raise funds for their school programs.

On February 9th, 1992, my budding career was snatched from under my feet, becoming a victim of the United States’ fictitious “WAR ON DRUGS”. I was arrested, charged, tried and convicted for an alleged drug conspiracy and murder of a Syracuse, NY Police Officer, Wallie Howard, Jr. All of my so-called friend turned their backs on me and I lost everything! My entire life was destroyed after I was sentenced to “3 Life Sentences, plus 85 years,” for a crime I never committed.

After contacting the Atlanta, Georgia based Youth Organization, Youth Task Force (YTF), my life changed immediately. God blessed me with the support of YTF’s Co-Directors, Ms. Angela E. Brown, M. Div. and Ms. Tanisa Foxworth, who believed in my  innocence after reviewing my case and brought it from nothing…. Today, I am blessed to have acquired overwhelming support from numerous organizations, churches and thousands of people to further prove my innocence.

Thereafter, I joined the struggle with YTF and earned the position to be their “PROJECT POWMIA,” Coordinator. I didn’t have the faintest idea that joining the struggle with YTF, meant not having a life of my own. Since my incarceration and organizing with YTF, I’ve mailed out over 20,000 pieces of mail, reaching out to society for help and educating prisoners/youths to be assets, instead of liabilities in society. In the process, I’ve grown to learn why in Ecclesiastes 1:18 the Bible say, “For in much wisdom is much grief, and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow!” Many nights I find myself crying for the youths, for they know not, what awaits them, on this side of the wall—if they ever slip and fall.

Moreover, while in the struggle, I’ve strived hard to master the intricate science of law. Now, as a jailhouse lawyer, I not only fight to regain my freedom, I also fight for others, especially the youth. Working and learning alongside Ms. Brown while organizing from behind the walls, has taught me that society is wrong by alleging that prisoners don’t care about the youth and society’s plight. The true fact is, prisoners don’t really know how to help; YTF has taught me. Currently, I am showing prisoners with action, how they can also make a difference. I’ve always stressed to Ms. Brown that, “without individuals in the music industry like Kevin Powell and Russell Simmons, etc., organizing artists to make a difference in society, artists also wouldn’t know what to do and/or how to help our youths… who are tomorrow’s future.”

However, prisoners are no longer locked-up in the “Belly of the Beast” anymore, because they used to be spit back out to society after a period of years. Now, prisoners are in the “CIRCULATORY SYSTEM” of the Beast! Traveling from prison-to-prison (as in slavery days, moving from plantation-to-plantation), and subject to never being free! I literally feel as though I’m locked in the “trunk of a car.” This is why I hardly ever sleep; I fight so hard to stay reaching out to society on a daily basis. The only things that I am lacking today to regain my freedom—is some type of national media attention. The television/news make it look so easy for a prisoner to prove his innocence in court and regain his/her freedom, but it’s not.

While having been blessed with these gifts—I’ve placed them all on the struggle’s table for the people; likewise, bringing along a cadre of prisoners too. On the frontline of the battlefield with YTF, prisoners have been very instrumental in numerous struggles: The freedom of then 11 year old Lecresha Murray, from Austin, Texas in 1999; raising thousands of dollars to support various causes (WRFG 89.3 FM in Atlanta, Georgia, 4 year old Divine Monroe, victim of a hit and run accident in Augusta, Georgia in 2000, and YTF, etc.); and, raising over 6000 signatures/letters of support, for then 15 year old Immanuel Williams in 2002… etc. Does society know any of this? No, that is why Ms. Batini Y.A. Oluremi decided to go to school, just to learn how to build my “WEBSITE” (, with all of this information…. If that’s not a blessing, then I don’t know what it.

Furthermore, talking about blessings, God has found favor in my brother, Major Isaac Davidson, Jr. (USAF, U.S. PENTAGON), by allowing him to gain the support of the renown forensic science expert, Mr. Robert H. Goldberg, J.D., M.D. (whose expertise proved that officer Howard, Jr. was actually killed by “FRIENDLY FIRE” i.e., by his own fellow partners and covered-up). And, while experiencing God’s presence and love in my life, I continuously stay prayerful and tell myself that, “I expect to pass through this world that’s within a world, only one time. Any good I could offer, or any kindness I could show, I wish to do it now, because I will not walk down this path again!” So, don’t forget the youth…. This is “MY LIFE!”

Respectfully submitted,
-Jaime A. Davidson, Sr.


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