Re: Why Black Men Are In Prison, Instead Of At Home
by: Jaime A. Davidson

Dear Sisters:

Since 1990 to date, a record number of brothers have disappeared from society. The surprising, shocking and scary pictures/feeling, surrounding these types of disappearances right before your eyes and from your household, is the major silence which derives from it. In the mid 80's President George Bush, Sr. picked up former President Ronald Reagan's idea of launching an intense "WAR ON DRUGS," which President William Bill Clinton took to another level with the enactment of the 1996 Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA).

On that same note, our families, friends and associates, etc., were crying out about the neighborhoods being flooded with drugs, without looking at the bigger picture for the future and who they were crying out too, for help. The Government took advantage of the whole situation and decided to build up their "FALLING ECONOMY," by building more prisons and locking up all your brothers. Honestly, look around and tell me what do you see? ... are your brothers home with you?

Sisters, I am writing this letter crying out to all of you and keeping it as real as I can be, and as you can ever imagine. Please, do not block my cries out; open up your minds, hearts and souls to everything I am about to say to you and try to reflect on all the good times (even the bad ones not to be biased), you used to have with your husband, fiancé, baby father(s), boyfriends, brothers, cousins and friends/homies etc. Think about them for just one minute. Now, tell me where he/they are at today and how you truly feel about their absence in your lives? And, when last did you mail them a "THINKING OF YOU CARD?"

Now, throughout my ten years incarcerated innocently (for a crime I did not commit and declined to work with the Feds to infiltrate the music industry, by entrapping many more brothers to this lonely life of misery), I decided to take those years as an opportunity to conduct my own independent research by dialoguing with hundreds of brothers, or better yet, thousands of brothers. Even as a promoter, artist and sound system's owner myself, I had never been around so many brothers (packed up like sardines in a can), besides it being a party/concert, all in one location (for so long, like years); I just knew that something was extremely wrong and way out of control.

Thereafter, I began to execute my own inquiry. My main question to mostly all of the brothers (individually/collectively), was basically the same one; "yo bro, I want you to keep it real with me, what did you do to land in prison?" I had to ask that question because they would enter the Federal system begging for stamps, food, drinks and cigarettes, etc. But unbeknown to you (Sisters), those brothers were charged with the king-ping/leadership role of the statute covering the Continuing Criminal Enterprise (CCE) and/or the plain Conspiracy with a minor role. The shameful part of that, is that a lot of those brothers have never seen/held $100,000.00 at one time. Nevertheless, Sisters, your brothers had posed a major threat to the Government; they were all "INDEPENDENT THINKERS!" from low level dealers to high level dealers. With these brother strong will powers and desire to become good providers for all you sisters out there, the Government got a good whiff of their potentials and determinations to succeed in life.

Moreover, a lot of these brothers and the ones they were with, were taking $100.00 worth of cocaine, marijuana and/or heroin and turning that $100.00 into $1,000,000.00. Even though their actions were illicit in nature, these brothers were "ENTREPRENEURS" in their own ways (managing a vast number of brothers situated in various locations). Yes, with those types of digits in the hands of young (black) brothers, the Government seeing that as a threat, they had to trap the majority of your brothers, before they rose to that level of being legally unstoppable. But, yet still, the prosecutors lied to these brothers juries and/or placed erroneous informations inside their sentencing documents, alleging that these brothers were dealing in all sorts of astronomical numbers of dollars yearly in the drug business, when they had not reached those levels yet i.e., in order to sentence your brothers to lengthy prison time.

Therefore, sisters, all the answers/responses that I was receiving, was beginning to sound like the same old hit song(s) being played over and over again on Kiss FM. Brothers were saying with teary eyes that, "I was charged with Conspiracy/Posession with intent to distribute cocaine, heroin and/or marijuana, Continuing Criminal Enterprise, Bank Robbery, Possession of an illegal weapon and Car Jacking, etc." And, they went on by admitting and stating that: "1. I would have never joined the life of crime if I was never placed with my back against the wall to become a good provider for my family; 2. I just wanted to be a good/responsible provider for my family; 3. I was scared to let my girl/wife find out the deficiencies that I had, whenever I went out on job hunting sprees and was turned down; 4. I did not want to lose my girl because I was always broke, so I decided to go out of town with my home boys to make some money; 5. I could not see myself being laughed at by working at McDonald's because that money wasn't enough to support my family, by paying all our bills and especially, my mother being sick and out of work; 6. I wanted my girl/wife and children to have the best that life had to offer and what my parents did not have to give me; 7. I was young and I wanted to look good for the sisters (not trying to make any excuses), drive an expensive car/truck, have mad cash to impress the girls and get the baddest sister out there (just trying to hang with the crowd and/or even follow my older home boys footsteps to prove to them that I could hang too); 8. I was so frustrated, stressed out and tired of listening to my girl complaining of not having money for pampers, food, clothes and even to pay this month's rent, etc.,, to keep a roof over our new born baby's head; and 9. I was just trying to pay for my children and/or parents medical bills, pay for my College Tuition and put my girl and children through the best schools as a good man would, without them ever worrying about where the next dollar would be coming from etc., I kept on hearing throughout the years.

Sisters, a large number of brothers throughout their years of incarceration have been bitter; they have built up a lot of hatred against a lot of you. Brothers are feeling betrayed by your actions, walking out of their lives when they needed you the most to help them overcome all their trials and tribulations with the Judicial System. Brothers are saying that, "while the money and all the good times was happening, my girl always said no matter what happened, she would always troop it out with me, " said a brother named Ronald. And, he continued thinking back on those days, her words and actions today and stated, "I couldn't believe it, after the judge said life plus five years, her visits kept on decreasing little by little, until one day she cried during one of her last visits and told me, 'Ronald, you know how much I truly love you. But, please try to understand my position. I met somebody and he is a very nice person. I love you Ronald, but you ran off and left me all alone with our two kids and all those bills. What am I suppose to do then, without a job? I have to survive and support our kids. My two jobs now are still not enough and he is helping me a lot,' " Ronald repeated with hatred built up in his eyes (blood shot red), for his girl who meant the world to him, for abandoning him during his bad time.

While down, they are not out! Brothers continue to fight to regain their freedom! But, they have no one to lend them a helping hand. Brothers would have been in a better position today, had they had your support sisters, to conduct some foot work for their cases. Brothers have come to realize that after entering the life of crime to become good providers for all of you (sisters), something went totally wrong and they got lost/trapped in their own world of illusions and ended up deviating from their main purpose and scope... which all of you already must know that, nobody is perfect in life. People make mistakes too. Yes, a lot of sisters are correct, brothers were the ones that left you all. Brothers did not know when to stop, because the money and the lifestyle was too good and addictive. It made brothers feel as though they were on top of the world. No one could tell them anything. Your brothers need you sisters, to hold them down now and help them break this vicious cycle of the Government's mass incarceration scheme/conspiracy.

President George Bush, Jr. upon entering into office stated that he was "PRO-FAMILY" for prisoners. Nevertheless, the Bureau of Prisoners has broke down brothers' last means of communications (with their children and loved ones and even their legal researches done by phone), besides letters, and has restricted brothers to only 300 telephone minutes per month (which adds up to 20, 15 minutes calls each month). Moreover, the system has broke down a lot of your brothers and they have lost hope, saying that sisters have turned their backs on them, when they had placed their lives on the lines to be there for them regardless of their infidelity; they say that they were good providers. Brothers have also given up on life and turned to the life of homosexual activities to soothe their pain and suffering from your absence and/or short coming. In USP-Pollock for example, there are over 1,000 prisoners and approximately 200-300 prisoners indulge in some sort of homosexual acts inside/outside the closet. For a lot of brothers it is so painful, especially to see a brother around here called "LITTLE KIM". All I ask sisters, is that you do not allow the media to brainwash you. The majority of the brothers are holding down the fort strong; but, as usual, brothers are getting a fight from all angles. The system and the media, knows that with all you sisters behind brothers and on their sides, to acquire their freedom, it would be inevitable to stop them.

Now for example, to show/prove to all you sisters, of brothers continued support for the youth/families in society. On or around mid 1998, brothers had heard of an Austin, Texas, then, eleven years old child serving a 25 years sentence for an alleged murder of a two year old baby, while allegedly baby-sitting. Brothers supported a fundraiser being executed by the Youth Task Force, Project POWMIA's Coordinator throughout the prison and within a weeks time, around $3,000.00 was raised from behind the walls of the infamous Atlanta Penitentiary (where your brother Marcus Garvey had served time at, back in the days). Brothers conducted their own media networking and assisted the majority of the sisters of YTF to have sufficient funds to travel to and from, to Austin, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia from behind the walls, to fight for their little sister Lacresha.

On April 15th, 1999, on WRFG 89.3 FM, it was announced that Lacresha's case was overturned and to date, she has been free! The sad part of this story is that the Youth Task Force was contacted by "SOURCE MAGAZINE" staff to cover the story... Source Magazine ended up robbing the people by printing a totally false scenario that "EXCLUDED" the work of prisoners and all the grassroots organizations, to allege that some attorney had done all the work and got Lacresha back her freedom. The only good part is that their little sister Lacresha Murray was finally released from jail. But, its readers (including all you sisters world wide), the stigma placed upon brothers not having any feelings for society's plight was only taken to another level; and, making all of you think that brothers have given up all hopes, life and laid down completely. Had Source printed the correct facts, brothers and sisters world wide could have been started working on various fruitful projects. Brothers are continuing to fight, to break that big wall between both worlds and put up a glass wall for all you sisters and the public to be able to see us clearly. Brothers are only lacking your love and support to further inspire them to move on. Sister, had the shoes been on the other foot, nothing would have stopped your brothers that are in lock-down, from fighting vigorously to win your freedom. Sisters, all of you know that for a fact too.

In closing, sister, brothers hope and pray that all of you will read this letter carefully to begin to grasp and try to understand the reality behind your brothers incarceration. Had your brothers never been "INDEPENDENT THINKERS," the Government would not have felt threatened and brothers would have been home with all of you, instead of being in prison. Your brothers are being counted individually and/or collectively to sum up the count for the funds Congress allots to the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) yearly, per prisoners (your brothers).

Furthermore, brothers never tried to stop and realize how hard life for all of you had gotten/become , once they were carted off to prison. Sisters, life, time and maturity, has taught brothers a lot. Brothers have come to grips and understand that, had the shoes been on the other foot, they do admit sisters, they would have also had to do whatever it took to survive and to get all of you out of prison. Brothers would like to make mends with all of you sisters and begin to bridge the big gap that the system/Government has placed between both their world and yours i.e., with time and distance.

Sisters, trust that brothers are feeling your pain and suffering and they have grown to release their bitterness and hatred at what they misunderstood... they are not mad at none of you anymore. Sister, brothers now know that you had to do what you had to do, to survive and moving on with your life was part of that and the most hurtful one of all for brothers to learn to cope with. Brothers are feeling you sisters. The only problem was, that no one wanted to be the burden bearer... the truth hurts, but it still must be told. This letter might create a lot of controversy especially from brothers mad for the truth being told today, but the fact remains that the truth is the truth and one has to learn to accept their wrongs and move on to the next level. Brothers and sisters (because this letter cannot be written in a bias way), had a blessing which was "EACH OTHER," and they both left it to look for another blessing. And, sisters, keep this in your minds, "the Government knows that it takes finance (in an individual/collective venture), to 'RAISE A NATION WITHIN A NATION;'" Yes, again, your brothers posed a threat to the Government by exposing their potentials, believe it or not. But sister, your brothers still apologize...

Peace and Blessings,
We are still your brothers in the struggle,
Jaime A. Davidson, YTF's
Project POWMIA, Coordinator

PS. Sisters, this is a song that your brothers had to share with all of you, all around the world and it's Jay-Z's "SONG CRY!" We love you... "The walls of oppression will never kill our spirits nor silence the voices of those brothers/prisoners who have decided to make a difference!" By: THE BABYQUAKE FAMILY.


Jaime A. Davidson
#37593-053 / Unit B-1
FCI - Berlin
PO Box 9000
Berlin, NH 03570

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