The Syracuse Conspiracy
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The Syracuse Conspiracy is a book which details a number of accounts a Syracuse, New York and Atlanta, Georgia based organization (Inmate Family Network and the Youth Task Force), in conjunction with renown forensic scientist, Mr. Robert H. Goldberg, J.D., M.D. (who reviewed the autopsy report of Princess Diana, for Globe Magazine), after being sought after-- has teamed up to seek justice-- to prove what is now come to be known, as one of the greatest conspiracy corruption cover-up ever, in all of American History... since the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy, Jr. What is so striking and unbeknown to the public to date, is the fact that, it has been kept a secret-- in this beautiful city, of Syracuse, Upstate New York, why, has there never been an outside forensic science expert hired/assigned to review any of the forensic science which had been in factual dispute i.e., in any of their controversial and high profile cases...? And, the world not being able yet to chew, swallow, much less digest these tragic events, this will make the first time a book of such magnitude has ever been written and published with so much intricate factual details surrounding this case.

In the midst of all the chaos that has been transpiring, New York City Rapper, Jaime "GRINGO" Davidson, after being unjustly framed-- has found himself with his back against the wall fighting a war now targeting all his supporters (to wear them out, compelling them to drop his case and move on, due to all the retaliatory acts-- continuous [frustrating and draining] courts denials, and all the thousands of unanswered letters...); but, especially, attacking Davidson's vigorously from within [i.e., by the Bureau of Prisons, Department of Justice, American Bar Association, Local Law Enforcement Agencies, the Judicial System and all local news media agencies, etc.]. Most importantly, because, the case of the Syracuse 5 would surely cause a catastrophic disaster tarnishing the appearance of justice... reopening judicial review for hundreds of cases-- behind this grave outrageous government misconduct.

Furthermore, The Syracuse Conspiracy is a must have book for every household, High School, University and Law School,etc., because it's highly educational and an eye opener at that, based on the fact that it's the true story of the Northern District of New York's Judicial System, which seems to function like "RUN-AWAY TRAIN", where no one is in charge. In this book, you will find:

1. A renegade judge dispensing cowboy style justice;
2. An imposter without a degree, posing as a forensic scientist, who has damaged over 40 cases...;
3. A medical examiner with a Hannibal Lecter type pedigree-- that was doing everything from boiling body parts in the parking lot, to stealing bodies, etc. (now exiled to Topeka, Kansas and desperately wanted by the Death Penalty Descent Unit);
4. A District Attorney that's always being accused of pressuring expert witnesses, to sway their testimonies towards the State's case;
5. A former Syracuse Chief of Police running for Sheriff, caught red handed in a dark alley behind a Burger King [accepting a $50,000.00 bribe in a brown bag], and tapped on the wrist by said District Attorney in question...;
6. The Syracuse Police Department and the drug Enforcement Administration, both declined to conduct an internal investigation, in such a major high profile case;
7. Officer Wallie Howard, Jr. buried with bullet fragments [that's crucial evidence], still lodged in his head to date;
8. A veteran Defense Attorney, repeatedly referring to his client who is black as "YOU PEOPLE", then later blatantly lying by saying that he was ignorant to the fact that, "YOU PEOPLE" was a racial slur; and
9. A lawyer turned judge-- threatening to kill her own client if he divulges a secret meeting that she had with the Federal Prosecutor..., which would have destroyed the Government's entire case surrounding the well orchestrated "ASSASSINATION OF SYRACUSE POLICE OFFICER, WALLIE HOWARD, Jr.", committed by his own fellow officers and covered-up for over a whole decade.

Now, it's always been known, that the total liberation of communities-- was Jaime A. Davidson's first priority; his personal freedom came second. The fact of the matter is that: "Davidson has a Doctorate Degree that most people couldn't pay for; money can't buy and Universities cannot teach.... This Doctorate was gained from the streets, real life (true and raw) experiences, sacrifices and under much pressures-- that most people would buckle under and give up!" said inmate Xzavious Brown (Reg. No. 18631-009, from Atlanta, Georgia), after reading The Syracuse Conspiracy, which left him in awe and total disbelief-- furthering stating, "Wow! That's unreal." Whereas, the Bishop T.D. Jakes further confirmed in a profound statement by asserting in one of his books that:

"Talk to the doctor, and he will tell you that the inoculation is made from the infection. The antidote is made from the venom. That same principle is true about ministering to people. 'The best people to help others are not those who studied life in a book. It is those who lived it.' You will never be healed until you use your pain to heal someone else. Ministry gives purpose to pain. It widens the gulf between then and now and announces to the perpetrator, I am healed."

Id. at 49 (The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord.

Moreover, throughout the years to date, Davidson has been very committed to working on behalf of grassroots organizations and communities: Florida, Georgia, New York, the music industry and with young people worldwide, etc. (answering to a number of societies calls for action, organizing from behind the penitentiary walls, i.e., to prove to the world that prisoners do feel their pain; breaking down the concrete walls and putting up all see through glass walls--); despite the fact of placing his own unjust imprisonment to the side throughout this entire fiasco.

Thereafter, while the pressure is still being applied to Davidson and his case continues to heat up-- he ventured out to:

1. Send positive messages to the youths by opening up their eyes to prisoner's reality;
2. Attempt to help save Morris Brown College to come out of their 27 Million Dollars financial dilemma;
3. Also show love to Goodie Mob's "Khujo", Big Tigga Mom's (of Rap City Tha Basement), BET's 106 & Park with Free and AJ, Aaliyah and all her family members, friends, fans and supporters, etc.; and
4. Challenge "SOURCE MAGAZINE'S" betrayal to the people, with their article's intentional misrepresentation of the facts of then 11 year old Lacresha Murray from Austin, Texas....

Finally, if you thought that you had read all good conspiracy books before, you haven't, until you've read "THE SYRACUSE CONSPIRACY". No published fiction, documentary or case study book etc., would ever bring you closer to comprehension, than might the facts-- that you see here today. Because, the truth is stranger than fiction. And, after finding himself fighting this war all alone... the system claiming their victory-- and after being unsuccessful by not acquiring any allies to further his freedom fight and/or receiving any response to over 20,000 pieces of correspondences leaving the BOP in 13 years-- falling on deaf ears, Davidson cried out to the world [throughout every page, paragraph, sentence, word and letter ,etc., which speaks for themselves...], passionately saying, "Justice in America is for sale, to the highest bidder. So, 'if you watch me suffer, you will watch me die!!!" For more info, log onto: [@"LEGAL AD / JUSTICE DENIED"].

STAY TUNED FOR PART II, where a number of change of events and intense battles transpired... and when it all seemed like Davidson was at the verge of being over-powered and defeated once and for all, it was proven that there is a God. Thus, "WHEN ONE DOOR SHUTS, ANOTHER ONE OPENS!"...


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