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In 1997, Jaime Davidson joined the work of the Youth Task Force as the Coordinator of Project POWMIA (Prisoners of War Missing in Action), where he began organizing Brothers [raising "THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS" from behind the walls --], to support the work of the grassroots community in Atlanta, Georgia, including such organizations: WRFG Community Radio, WCLK Community Radio, Southern Organizing Committee and the Youth Task Force etc.

In 1998, Jaime Davidson brought to the Youth Task Force the case of Lacresha Murray, a then 11 year old baby & the youngest person ever convicted of murder in the State of Texas. Through his leadership, Jaime was able to organize brothers from behind the wall at Atlanta Federal Penitentiary [again, raising "APPROXIMATELY $3,000.00"], to work with the Youth Task Force and other grassroots organization and win her release after two unjust convictions. Jaime, after joining forces with Mr. Tyrone Hines ( a fellow Syracusan), they launched a successful "STOP THE VIOLENCE MEMORIAL MONTH (OF OCTOBER) MARCH," being assisted by the Youth Task Force and Inmate Family Network (a Syracuse based organization) and other local organizations as the NAACP. Memorial marchers remembered the young [victims] who had been killed on the city streets of Upstate, Syracuse, New York (using Yellow Ribbons); and, most importantly, focusing on calling an end to violence (which goes on every year).

In 1999, in an effort to challenge the unjust incarceration and housing of juvenile offenders in adult facilities, Jaime Davidson launched a Juvenile Justice Project, which linked "AT-RISK" youth in the community with prisoners to provide guidance to the youth. A joint youth/prisoner program was created wherein youth were allowed to visit the prison to talk with prisoners to hopefully deter them from a life of crime. Jaime, upon witnessing where NLPA (a Cincinnati, Ohio Legal Research Firm) had forged a prisoner's signature without his consent and filed a baseless Reply Motion to the Court, which was destined to be denied -- Jaime took on the case(s). After reviewing all the prisoner's legal documents (and those of his codefendant), Jaime immediately executed a factual and legal strategy -- not only saving that prisoner and his codefendant's case; but also, got the Judge to GRANT both codefendants the appointment of Counsel (who rapidly flew from Puerto Rico to Atlanta Penitentiary to visit their new clients, who both had life sentences).

In 2000, a young child in Augusta, Georgia laid in a hospital bed struck down by a driver who fled the scene. Jaime Davidson, along with a host of other Prisoners decided to help her family with the medical bills and raised several thousands to ease the financial burden. In fact, the prisoners raised more money than the entire community of Augusta did, during the time it was collected.

In 2001, because of his Juvenile Justice Project work, Jaime Davidson successfully litigated at length the case of one youth victimized by the Juvenile Offenders Act. Davidson successfully helped reduce a 41 years sentence to eleven years for that youth and gained the parole of another youth sentenced under the DC YRA (Youth Rehabilitation Act), etc.

In 2002, behind excessive painstaking hard work and determination, Jaime Davidson was successful in gaining a prisoner's case "VACATED AND REMANDED" from the First Circuit Court of Appeals, back to the District Court in Puerto Rico for an Evidentiary Hearing; that was to prove how that prisoner's attorney was ineffective and relinquished his Constitutional Rights to file a Direct Appeal. In less than a week Davidson was also successful at USP Pollock (in Louisiana), and strategically acquiring over 600 signatures/letters from prisoners, to be submitted in Court by the Youth Task Force (in Atlanta, Georgia); that was for the case of 15-year-old Emmanuel Williams charged and sentenced as an adult to 25 years to life for involuntary manslaughter (and sent to an adult prison) ... which birthed the Campaign for Juvenile Justice, launched and spearheaded by the Youth Task Force.

In 2003, Jaime Davidson, after executing an intense legal research... was able to compel a Magistrate Judge to abide by the established law, reverse his prior ruling -- GRANTING this prisoner another Evidentiary Hearing with the appointment of counsel. In U.S.P. Pollock, Jaime enrolled in Louisiana Technical College (LTC), an ACCREDITTED Keyboarding and Microcomputer Applications courses [Word Processing (MS Word), Spreadsheets (MS Excel) and Database Management (MS Access)], and graduated with straight A's. Jaime, utilizing his great leadership skills successfully organized Syracusans and other prisoners at Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary, to financially support the work of the Rev. Larry Ellis, Sr. and Families Against Injustice (FAI) i.e., to reform the harsh RICO Law.... The fundraiser was able to donate "APPROXIMATELY $2,000.00" from prisoners funds and "HAND MADE, LEATHER CRAFTED BAGS." Click on to ("ART GALLERY," to view the leather bags).

in 2004, Jaime Davidson took on another major task, by becoming a Spanish GED Math Tutor and volunteering to teach/offer the prison population, "BASIC SPANISH-I AND ADVANCE SPANISH CLASSSES," where prisoners have learned a lot and have commented to staff how good and enjoyable the Spanish classes are. Upon reading an article in the Miami Herald [WISH BOOK - Fundraisers for families needing assistance], where a Puerto Rican youth, Francisco Rodriguez was in a comma for eight month after being hit by a car. Mrs. Ramona Rubet [his mother], sacrificing herself, flew in from P.R. to take care of her son, not having funds had to sleep on the floor.... Jaime donated one (1) of his best Spanish Reggae songs to the family and received the support from Mr. Miguel Crespo to donate one (1) of his best Spanish Gospel, Merengue tempo style songs too (for them to be sold and all funds and royalties to be issued to the family); in order to aid Francisco with his therapy bills and daily living bills. Thus, that not being all, Miguel and Jaime ordered a "BIG HAND MADE 'GET WELL FAST POSTCARD'" and acquired a lot of signatures from prisoners to show their love to Francisco and Mrs. Rubet (for being such a great mother).

JAIME DAVIDSON, upon being informed of the facts of the unjust arrest and charges lodge against a young college student in Los Angeles, California -- impacted Jaime, motivating him to launch a diligent legal research to educate/orientate this student's family. While feeling the pain of this family, knowing that a conviction would virtually destroy this youth's future/career [losing various Constitutional Rights: Voting and/or running for a public office etc.], Jaime placed his own individual case/freedom to the side, depleting his limited 300 monthly telephone minutes to walk this youth's mother through the upcoming proceedings they were facing ahead [mailing her, his legal research and strategic analysis], acknowledging that the retained attorney "ONLY" wanted to go to trial, to drain the family's finance. Through the encouragement, knowledge and support Jaime gave this youth's mother via, his continuous legal advises and instilling in her, "FOLLOW YOUR HEART AND DON'T IGNORE YOUR INSTINCTS;" prompted the youth's mother to write two (2) letters directly to the Judge, serving copies to all interested parties [pleading her son's case, life and future to the Judge], which led to the "DISMISSAL" of the "FELONY COMPLAINT" against her son. And, nervously noting that a conviction [where her son was innocent] of said offense(s) -- would have required this college student to provide "SPECIMENS AND SAMPLES".... In a postcard, the jubilated college student wrote to Jaime: "I thank you personally as well for all of the tips, loopholes, info. & counter-attacks that you fortified us with, especially the judicial knowledge you shared with my mother. If it wasn't for you, our 'Ill-hearted attorney' would have led us like sheep into trial amidst the wolves, and not only financially. It was 'you' that spent all those hours on the phone/writing informative letters that invigorated my mother to tactically assert to her primordial instincts & find ways to 'fight' for the justice, that was eventually served. Now it is our turn to 'fight' for you, 12 years of your life is just too long here on earth for something you didn't do, and 'your' justice shall be granted as well, if it is God's will. Don't let -- get the best of you. Thank you sooo much 4 your help."

NOW, during the mid’s entering the latter part of 2004, Davidson first rose to the occasion when many individuals felt he was wrong, to answer Ms. Martha Stewart’s call for action i.e., to send letters to her judge. Davidson decided that it was only the right thing to do, in voicing his views and opinions for justice. Said letter of support can be found by ordering it from: U.S. DISTRICT COURT FOR THE SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK, in Manhattan. And, secondly, Davidson was able to successfully file a motion for a desperate father, fighting to regain custody of his daughter from Federal Prison (from the custody of the State of New Jersey’s foster care department). Davidson’s motion was encouraging enough to persuade the Court to Grant this father the appointment of legal counsel free of cost and a hearing via, conference call to listen to this young girl’s father side of the story [which was Davidson’s main goal and concern to achieve via, said motion]. The judge after listening to the father’s pain—and love for his daughter, then decided to add his name to the caption (meaning heading) of the case as one of the parties…. The young girl was then allowed to begin staying at her aunt’s house [who she finally met for the first time in her life]. The aunt took it upon herself to immediately hold a family reunion for the entire family to meet—which they all accepted her with open arms. The father’s legal battle to gain custody of his under age daughter was now over… which allowed him to start sleeping in peace after all these years…..

In 2005, Jaime Davidson launched an “URGENT CALL FOR ACTION” with color flyers and posters nationwide through the music industry. This project was put together by Davidson with collaboration with Hip-Hop artist, SPIGG NICE (from the renown group “THE LOST BOYZ”). Davidson continuously working to show the youth the actual reality behind the lives of rappers, versus what they see on television. Click onto the “WRITERS’ CORNER” to read Davidson’s Exclusive Interview with SPIGG NICE…. Davidson has also picked up Spigg’s legal battle to support his family raise funds through the music industry to assist him with the attorney fees and private investigator’s retainer’s fee, etc. Spigg’s family working with Davidson, are also pushing for Supreme Court’s new ruling in Blakely, Booker, FanFan and Sheppard, etc., to bring some type of relief in Spigg’s 37 year sentence.

MOREOVER, at the same juncture, Davidson picked up the case of a young Dominican girl (22 years old), green to the street life and loving a 32 year old drug dealer. But, why? Davidson wanted the true story of Ms. Lidia Ramos to be known in homes all over the world. Men of today like Lidia’s boyfriend, never thought that her looks meant anything to him—to protect her and do the right thing. He felt as though [from Davidson’s point of view], that they [him, his sister and his friends] had to save themselves first! He said to himself, “forget Lidia, I could find myself another pretty young girl out in society—even 10 times prettier than her.” Everybody washed their hands off with Lidia, leaving her to die, suffering and helpless with her family—until Lidia’s legal advertisement was placed on Davidson’s hands to help her. Click onto Lidia Ramos Justice Denied Article here.

ON THE OTHER HAND, Davidson’s instincts has led him to believe from the facts of Lidia’s case that she was framed by her boyfriend to acquire some sentence reduction in another case—where he’s helping a friend/relative get out of prison earlier. In the Federal Prison, the state of Florida is well known for those types of Government set ups… where federal agents work with other prisoners friends and relatives via, false tips of alleged drug deals that are going down, when in all actuality, that person was behind the whole set up…. Davidson doesn’t want for your daughter, sister, friend and/or relatives, etc., to suffer what Lidia is experiencing all alone today. Davidson wants to start a major dialogue in all homes—to save your [Lidia or even son, Michael].

THIS URGENT CALL FOR ACTION, was also launched to expose the high level of corruption behind Davidson’s case. Davidson is also beginning to promote his soon to be released book titled, THE SYRACUSE CONSPIRACY”, and showing you a sneak peek of his sound system, “BABYQUAKE
Click on to review the “URGENT CALL FOR ACTION FLYER” and additional graphics posted herein…. Davidson’s work doesn’t stop here; he’ll soon be featured in an exclusive Spanish Hip-Hop & Reggaeton article with [IN THE HOUSE MAGAZINE], where you can purchase a copy by logging onto www.INTHEHOUSEMAG.COM. And, while promoting all the aforementioned, Davidson has began to bring attention to his website company’s name, “FRIENDS BEYOND THE WALL”,  for the public to begin frequencing that site and prisoners to start posting legal ads and promoting their ads at the same time. Davidson said, “if prisoners didn’t know how to bring attention to their cases nationwide, now they will know and tomorrow nobody can’t say that they had lacked the knowledge, or the web company to work with."

IN ADDITION, Davidson was recently referred by a prisoner to assist his brother that had just arrived to U.S.P. Lewisburg. After listening to the prisoner’s story that he had wanted to plead guilty and accept his own responsibility, the lawyer declining—then the prisoner wanting to testify on his own behalf and his lawyer stating that, “No! You can’t testify, because if you do, then I’ll be compelled to testify against you…;” Davidson decided to help this prisoner, by first getting that attorney off the case. The prisoner thought that he couldn’t do it and was in the process of paying that attorney $3,000.00 for his trial transcripts… while his family was making a bank loan to retain a new attorney that would be charging then around $30,000 to $40,000 to represent a client charged in a “CONTINUING CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE (CCE). Davidson acquired all the facts that were off the record (meaning outside the courtroom), and prepared a compelling argument that persuaded the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals to discharge his attorney and appoint a new attorney. The end product even frightened the attorney from attempting to respond to Davidson’s complaint—making the attorney ask to be relieved…. In this case, Davidson saved this prisoner not only his most important appeal by right, but saved that prisoner’s family roughly $40,000.00. For the readers—“Davidson takes the law very seriously, because he knows that a denial to a motion is equivalent to a murder being committed!”

In SEPTEMBER, after feeling the pain of all the Hurricane Katrina Victims and Survivors, Jaime Davidson [as the "ORIGINAL FOUNDER OF THE 'REGGAETON CULTURE", personally felt a big obligation for the Culture & Prisoners presence (Nationwide), to be felt from behind "ALL" prison walls], immediately submitted a proposal to the "BIG HOUSE'S" (i.e., Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary, in Pennsylvania) Warden... requesting the approval to launch a "MASS DONATION COLLECTION - FUNDRAISING DRIVE" -- which was GRANTED! Davidson, then sought the assistance of prisoner, Mr. Todd Foster to successfully comb the entire prison population.... Under "PRINCIPLE UNITY", both prisoners worked extremely hard and diligently: 1. Theme selected was, "WE FEEL YOUR PAIN", deriving from the drastic effect the television coverage had on the prisoner population; 2. Flyers were made and posted throughout the entire Penitentiary; 3. All gangs, religious and State leaders (shot-callers) etc., were notified collectively/individually -- to encourage their... members/friends to feel free to support the positive cause for society.

THE WARDEN, selected the day of his "TOWNHALL MEETING" in the "AUDITORIUM" to hold the Mass Donation Collection. Davidson was allowed the opportunity by the Warden, to address the entire prison population (which consists of approximately 1,500 prisoners), in front of three (3) groups of 500 prisoners. In Davidson's brief speech, he made it clear -- to give freely from their hearts. A number of prisoners later approached Davidson and expressed the impact his speech had on them [ex: Italians, Latinos, Blacks and Native Americans, etc.]. Thus, at the end of the fund-raiser, Davidson and Mr. Foster successfully raised $1,412.00, which was turned over to the Union County Red Cross, Director. Davidson was also able to receive the unselfish assistance of his Supervisor and two (2) other Education Department staffs -- to direct the prisoners wanting to donate and collect the funds. Plus, a large handmade card titled, "SURVIVORS" was given to the Director by Davidson, at the Education Department Building (along with the Treasury Department check--), to represent the support from all USP - Lewisburg prisoners. Now, to see/read the aforementioned... please, Click onto: Justice Denied [THANK YOU LETTER - AMERICAN RED CROSS; HURRICANE KATRINA FUNDRAISING FLYER; TWO PHOTOS W/RED CROSS DIRECTOR AND DAVIDSON, HANDING OVER CHECK & POSTCARD]; Artists' Showcase Gallery [HURRICANE KATRINA & RITA POSTCARD].

In 2006, Davidson mainly concentrated himself on assisting a number of students pass their Spanish GED and English GED, by tutoring them after school in the law library. And, while patiently awaiting for the District Court to set his calendar court date for an evidentiary hearing and/or new trial for him to prove his innocence, Davidson further found additional time to teach other prisoners the Spanish and English languages.

In December, Jaime A. Davidson (aka "GRINGO"), with the support of "In The House Magazine's President, "Mr. Ricardo V. Cruz (out of Carolina, Puerto Rico), DJ Rey Parques, "El Cientifico" (from Washington, DC's 99.1 FM "EL ZOL"), MC McKoye (Panama City, Panama's No. 1 Radio DJ, at Panama's No. 1 radio station, "SUPER COOP"), Panama's No. 1 Reggaeton artist, "Japanese", Panama's No. 1 Reggaeton Producter, "Rude Boy", and Panama's political and influential actor, "Mr. Espinosa", etc., have all joined forces to assist Davidson launch and promote the "FREE GRINO REGGAETON MOVEMENT".

In February 2007, based on the exclusive interview published by "IN THE HOUSE MAGAZINE", certifying the record with Gringo's legacy left in Puerto Rico and being the original founder of the entire Reggaeton Genre, during the Spanish Awards show on the 22nd called, "PREMIO LO NUESTRO", Daddy Yankee for once dedicated one of his awards to all the pioneers that started the Reggaeton genre. Daddy Yankee had never once admitted that there ever existed another generation before his that actually started the Reggaeton genre. After a prisoner from New Jersey, Kayson, kept hearing about Gringo not being recognized for his contributions in the Reggaeton genre, he took all the information from Gringo and asked his wife to build Gringo a web site on Myspace. Once Gringo's Myspace was up and running, DJ Rey Parques, "EL CIENTIFICO", restructured it and placed two of Grino's big hits on his web site. For the whole world's knowledge, 90% of the Reggaeton genree's beats/tracks derived from Gringo's smash hit song, "TRAILER LLENO DE GUIALES", which can be finally heard at: www.myspace.com/freegringo. And, to read/view Davidson's exclusive interview/articles with "IN THE HOUSE MAGAZINE (ITHM", click onto Justice Denied at "GRINGO'S EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW IN SPANISH"; and "LA CONSPIRACION DE SYRACUSE".

On April 16, 2007, Virginia Tech--University in Blacksburg, Virginia, suffered a major tragedy marking it the deadliest school shooting ever in the history of the United States of America, i.e., when one disturbed student went on a rampage killing 32 students and injuring approximately 15. Davidson, while drastically being impacted by the images shown on all the news coverage, listening to so many prisoners expressing their concerns around the whole penitentiary, and showing their pain for Virginia Tech (VT) students, staff, faculty, family, and friends, etc., he immediately decided to organize a body of prisoners... to see how they could show VT their support collectively. The final decision -- was to present Virginia Tech with a large sympathy postcard. Davidson designed the postcard -- and mailed it to: Mrs. Zenobia Hikes, VT's Vice President for Student Affairs. In order to view a photo of the postcard, clock onto "Justice Denied" section at: "VT's Prisoners Sympathy Postcard"; and, "VT's Thank You Card", (mailed to Davidson by Mrs. Hikes' Division of Student Affairs), in order to show prisoners that they [@ Virginia Tech--University], truly appreciated all the prisoners concerns, thoughtfulness, and sincere support, etc.

On May 20, 2007, after signing his pay sheet at USP - Lewisburg's Education Department (where his work performance stated outstanding), Mr. Davidson was suspended and later fired from being a bilingual tutor by the Department's Supervisor, Mr. Vince Cahill, for "DEFUSING" a serious verbal confrontation that was heading towards a bloody war. The student Davidson stopped from pursuing the situation was released from federal custody recently behind the new crack law; had Davidson not intervened, Mr. Alfred "LOCKS" Martin might have not been able to go home early. Locks contacted Davidson out of sheer constant and let him know that he's doing ok.

Prior to that incident, Mr. Davidson had told the next tutor to take all his fights outside the classroom and far away from his presence. Unbeknownst to Gringo, said tutor in question -- was working for the department's supervisor as an "INFORMANT AND SECURITY GUARD" (body guarding all the female staff in order to instill fear in them, because they "DID NOT!" want women working in the school; not to mention how "SEXIST" the male staff were in that department). Prisoners knew that Gringo doesn't condone or associate himself with perverts/informants. And, said tutor was well known as a big pervert and stalker all over the prison; he would follow Davidson's supervisor, Mrs. Iris Vazquez all over the prison without giving her any breathing space. Mrs. Iris Vazquez couldn't complain because he worked for Mr. Cahill. And, once all the students found out that Davidson was unjustly fired without any penalogical justification, they began complaining to Gringo's Supervisor, Mrs. Iris Vazquez, a native teacher from Puerto Rico, to speak up for justice and get him back. The first reason given for dismissing Davidson was; 1. Needs of the Institution; and 2. Conflict with another tutor.

On September 5, 2007, Davidson was invited to the graduation ceremony. This invitation was a shock to a number of students and even Gringo [Himself]. One thing was noticeable and it was, that Mrs. Vazquez was catching a lot of heat, bad faces, and cold shoulders, etc. from students/prisoners for holding her silence after all the hard work Davidson had executed on her behalf, making her stand out and shine bright in the entire department and prison. And, other students that were going to accept their GED Certificates, out of respect and appreciation gave Davidson their extra passes to assure his presence because Gringo was highly responsible for their success. When the tutor that got Davidson fired was called to accept his Certificate of Excellence in Tutoring, the whole place began booing him. The second Davidson's name was called to accept his certificate -- the entire establishment went crazy (Mrs. Iris Vazquez felt shame and bowed her head), the Warden, Associate Warden(s), teachers, and staff present could only hear the loud shouts: "POM-POM, Gringo, Reggaeton; we want Gringo back; loud whistling and all types of sounds of support, positive approvals, and hoorays, etc."

On said date, during the graduation ceremony at USP - Lewisburg, the Supervisor of Education announced: "FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 75 YEARS, WE HAVE BROKEN A RECORD OF THE AMOUNT OF STUDENTS GRADUATING THIS YEAR". The fact is, that the record is undisputed that it wouldn't have been made possible without Mrs. Iris Vazquez and Davidson's unselfish and undivided support/dedication to that whole department and the students. Gringo, observing the ceremony reflected back on his first conversation in 2003, that he had with Mrs. Vazquez, when she had initially (evaluating if to hire him or not), asked him why he wanted to become a Spanish and English Pre-GED and GED tutor.... Davidson's response to her was, "as the Founder of the Reggaeton Culture, Mrs. Vazquez, I don't want to be known or labeled 'ONLY!' as an artist, producer/promoter, etc. I want to be known and respected as an artist -- educator and/or civil servant that gave back to society." Mrs. Iris Vazquez replied, "Ok, 'TOM' that's understandable," hired him and began teaching Gringo everything she knew about the art of teaching (patience, paying attention to details, and gratitude, etc.), of that trade to reach every individual student needs and help them pass the GED and become better persons in their daily lives. And, pursuant to BOP Policy, Mrs. Vazquez taught Davidson a dear "MARKETABLE SKILL", that he's passionate about today, that he'll be able to share with the world!

Moreover, for the record, prior to Gringo going to work for Mrs. Iris Vazquez in 2003, it's a known fact that he had no knowledge or experience whatsoever in being a GED Tutor and Spanish/ESL Instructor. Today, Gringo is extremely thankful to Mrs. Vazquez for being so hard and firm on him with her teachings because now his legacy/reputation everywhere he goes, has extended to being referred to as, "THE BEST GED TUTOR AND SPANISH/ESL INSTRUCTOR IN THE PRISON". The sad part about all that, is that Gringo was "NEVER!" able to express his sincere "GRATITUDES" to Mrs. Iris Vazquez for being an excellent teacher, instructor, trainer, and supervisor, etc. to him.

However, even after Davidson was unjustly fired from the education department, that never stopped him from continuing to help students get their GEDs. Davidson opened up his own mobile GED classroom, teaching a full house of students in the TV room of his unit (DOG BLOCK), the law library, the indoor/outdoor recreation area, and laundry room, etc. Most importantly, Gringo's influence diffused a number of vicious assaults that were going to be launched against Mr. Vince Cahill's "PERVERTED INFORMANTS/FEMALE STAFF BODYGUARDS" in front of Mrs. Iris Vazquez, just to send a strong message to the warden for utilizing those types of illegal practices (paying unwarranted bonuses as monetary gifts with tax payer's money).

Unfortunately, the school suffered another major blow, when around 4-1/2 months after Davidson was fired, Mrs. Iris Vazquez quit without notifying any of her own co-workers/colleagues, which proved her bitterness behind all the ill-treatments, abuses, and discrimination she had endured in silence from all of them (inmate workers and especially staff). The other teachers would rudely disrupt her classes and compel her to slow down.... All the other teacher's students were continuously complaining, wanting to transfer to her classroom, "ONLY!" when Gringo was her tutor. Mr. Cahill's tutor that got Davidson fired, couldn't do basic fractions/decimals and would only sit in the classroom reading magazines. Said tutor has never helped any of the students get their GED. The students would complain to all the teachers to replace that tutor, but all the staff would defend him and say that he's ok. Once Gringo was fired, a large number of her students were transferred to other classes and some even stopped going to school. The entire school collapsed and deteriorated once Davidson -- and Mrs. Iris Vazquez quit! Because her classroom was the "HEART AND SOUL!" of the entire school building.

Mr. Davidson's frustration distancing himself from Mr. Vince Cahill's perverted-informant and female staff security guard, came the weekend Gringo's cellmate, Fo-Fo "EXPOSED" said tutor in Davidson's face by telling everybody: "Hey Gringo, you don't know why he keeps a book in his hand while you and Mrs. Vazquez are doing all the work? He's using you as a "SHIELD/EXCUSE" with the book to throw you all off while he "FEINDS" off your boss. He's a cold pervert; that's his trick to pick up a book and undress Mrs. Vazquez right there next to you." Davidson asked said tutor very upset if that was true and he responded laughing like if it was all a big joke, "man, they're just jealous because they can't get close to her". Said tutor's own homeboy from Philly warned Gringo, "you see what you are hanging around, you better cut your losses and stay far from him. All he wants to do is run behind Mrs. Vasquez and smell her...." All that tutor kept doing was laugh from ear-to-ear, like if what was being said was funny. Gringo got extremely upset and left on the 10 minutes move to walk the yard and cool off. Davidson since then has vowed to expose the system for placing him to work under such unhealthy environments and destroy female staff with inappropriate sexist (unwritten) policies, to run them off from working around men.

In January of 2008, a major situation occurred that nearly sparked a serious riot caused by USP - Lewisburg guards and lieutenants. Davidson's life was placed in harm's way, when guards heavily armed unexpectantly rushed into "DOG BLOCK" ... then began "SHOOTING RECKLESSLY!" Gringo, waiting to call his mother on the telephone and within a few feet from these armed guards, could've innocently lost his life. Davidson filed another complaint to incorporate with his initial law suit against the school. Gringo was later exposed to a number of retaliatory acts by USP - Lewisburg staff, compelling him to drop his grievances and law suit.

On February 14, 2008, Davidson was interviewed on both of his grievances by SIS Lt. Heath. She told Davidson, "I see that you're pending a transfer to a FCI (Medium Facility). How far are you planning to go with these complaints? I'm the one that decides if your complaint goes to the Office of Inspector General (OIG) or not, and I'm not going to interview any of your witnesses." Then Davidson responded, "all the way to court. Mr. Cahill thinks that he's above the law." Lt. Heath replied, "you'll never prove none of your claims, so you better drop your two grievances and let us send you to a FCI close to your family around here. ...." Gringo declined and the next day he received a "PACK-OUT-SLIP" in the mail. He was packed out that same Monday afternoon on 2/18/08 (President's Day), and transferred that night under retaliatory acts to USP - McCreary in Pine Knot, Kentucky, behind the false pretense (again), of "INCREASE OF POPULATION". The Embassy of Panama has launched an investigation into all of Gringo's previous retaliatory transfers under "INCREASE OF POPULATION". The entire year of 2007 to date, was a serious nightmare for Gringo at Lewisburg Penitentiary.

Thereafter, once Davidson arrived at USP - McCreary, the students that knew him from Lewisburg began to spread the word throughout the prison, "the best GED Tutor and Spanish Instructor from Lewisburg just got here." A number of students began to tell Davidson to go see Mrs. Angela Partin because she needs a good tutor. Gringo went to the Education Department that same Friday and spoke to Mrs. Partin and she hired him. Davidson started working with Mrs. Angela Partin the following Monday and within 2 days, Gringo has already corrected her 4 classes Pre-Tests, graded them, revamped her entire filing system, and logged all the students daily work. Prior to Davidson's arrival in Mrs. Partin's classroom, the students weren't motivated to get their GEDs. Gringo's presence immediately changed all that idleness and assisted a number of students to get their GEDs, while raising other students Pre-GED & GED scores over 100 points in weeks.

In May of 2008, a number of students from all the other classes began requesting to be transferred (both blacks & whites), to Mrs. Partin's classroom. The liked how the classroom was being ran; while Davidson was walking around the room from desk to desk helping every individual student, this scenery was like De'Javu to Gringo. In Lewisburg, it was the same type of scenery, a number of students from all the other classrooms were crying out wanting to go to Mrs. Vazquez's classroom. The students have been stating that in their classes the tutors only teach Math 5 days a week, while in Mrs. Partin's classes they teach all 5 subjects every week. All the teachers, secretary, and supervisors had been in awe, commenting regarding Davidson's extraordinary experiences and outstanding abilities to work with all the students and his strong work habits.

In a specific conversation with another teach, Mr. Casada, Mrs. Angela Partin clearly told him in front of Davidson, "whoever taught him, really did an excellent job (referring to Mrs. Iris Vazquez). Davidson knows how to do everything and he doesn't even need any instructions. So you don’t have to worry about the ACE Basic Spanish Class, Davidson will take care of everything without any problem." Gringo even made a few recommendations regarding various good GED books (from the ones Mrs. Vazquez used to teach her students with in class), that were approved and purchased by Mr. Boggs (the Education Dept. Supervisor). All the teachers and tutors loved those books. Gringo even had been teaching other tutors how to teach and reach the students (including Mrs. Partin), how to utilize the new GED books, and give them special. pamphlets on various subjects. The entire prison had been talking about how Gringo (also known as "PANAMA"), had changed up Mrs. Partin's whole classroom.... Click onto Poster: Pioneer of Reggaeton; and, "MEMORANDUM OF RECOMMENDATION."

The majority of students now wanted to learn and get their GEDs. This was a dear lesson that Mrs. Iris Vazquez learned too late and the hard way, that Gringo's presence and respect kept her classes, in tact, for her to implement her strict standards of authority and good discipline. Davidson had also began instructing the Basic Spanish-I Class on Tuesdays for the whole prison. All the staff and students had been highly impressed with Davidson's teaching techniques, which Gringo never tries to take the credit and tells everyone that he attributes all those skills to his former supervisor, Mrs. Iris Vazquez, who took pride in her job, worked hard and fought a lot -- to turn him into a great tutor. Mrs. Vazquez was liked by the whole prison because she treated everyone alike and color/nationality didn't matter to her. She showed the students and prisoners that she cared about their education and took her job very serious, just like Davidson (something the other tutor that got fired and staff didn't like because it made them look bad).

Now, while Davidson had found himself working all alone, prisoners that know what happened at USP - Lewisburg, witnessing all the progress at USP - McCreary's Education Department... have been stating that Gringo was really fired to "SABOTAGE AND SLOW DOWN" Mrs. Vasquez's work and accomplishments and force her to quit! Mrs. Vazquez was also a key participant behind Gringo's "Mass Donation Collection Fundraising Drive," for Hurricane Katrina at Lewisburg.

In June of 2008, after Senator Barack Obama won the Democratic Party's Presidential Candidate Nomination, Davidson (once again), to represent the Reggaeton Culture as its original founder from behind the prison walls, immediately launched the prisoners own campaign for their voices to be heard titled: "PRISONERS FOR CHANGE & PRISIONEROS PARA CAMBIO,' FUNDRAISER AND MOTIVATIONAL VOTERS TURN OUT DRIVE." Click onto Main Links to View: 1. POSTERS: PIONEER OF REGGAETON; 2. OBAMA '08 CHANGE CAMPAIGN; 3. OBAMA'S ENGLISH/SPANISH FLYER & FORM: PRISONERS FOR CHANGE; PRISIONEROS PARA CAMBIO; 4. OBAMA'S CAMPAIGN SONG (ENGLISH/SPANISH): OBAMA FOR AMERICA - WE WANT CHANGE; OBAMA PARA AMERICA-QUEREMOS CAMBIO. Click to download, make copies, and please distribute, and SING! .... The actual reality was that prisoners didn't know that they could contribute to a Presidential Election and/or candidate until Gringo brought the proposal to their attention. Click onto; "PROGRAM STATEMENT: P.S. 4510.05, INMATE CONTRIBUTIONS;" And, "THANK YOU LETTER: VIRGINIA TECH MAGAZINE;" And, "COURT OF APPEALS VICTORY ORDER (August 30,2005): NEW TRIAL, EVIDENTIARY HEARING/RESENTENCING HEARING(S), STILL PENDING, which Davidson has been awaiting to go to Court for 3 years since then, to date.

Moreover, in order to draw the Latino votes for Senator Obama, Gringo resorted to utilizing his status and influence as the founder of the Reggaeton Culture. Gringo launched the "PRISONERS FOR CHANGE & PRISIONEROS PARA CAMBIO MAGAZINE and T-Shirts." Click here to view: PRISONERS FOR CHANGE & PRISIONEROS PARA CAMBIO, T-SHIRTS LOGO). Gringo had got together with MC McKoye at SuperCoop Radio in Panama City, to launch the campaign internationally that way all through "LATIN AMERICA," Latinos could contact their family members, loved ones, friends, and associates, etc., in the United States and persuade them to vote for the new President Barack Obama. And, as Gringo mentioned to Latinos, in Puerto Rico they may not be able to vote for the general election, but with a small phone call, their loved ones and friends could do it for them in the U.S. Davidson knows that prisoners have a lot of power and influence in society and that's why he had decided to show them how to utilize it for a positive and historic cause. Like how Davidson had been telling prisoners, "INSTEAD OF US WATCHING HISTORY BEING MADE ON TELEVISION, LET'S MAKE HISTORY TOGETHER WITH PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA." So, thereafter, prisoners decided to walk the walk towards "CHANGE!"


THIS IS NOT A FEDERAL CASE - In 1992, Jaime Davidson was tried and convicted for the murder of Syracuse Police Officer, Wallie Howard, Jr., an alleged DEA Deputized Federal Agent working undercover in a drug buy-bust. Said officer was deputized as a Federal DEA Agent for "LIFE" after his death in order to make the case against Davidson be tried in Federal Court.

A FRAUD WAS COMMITTED UPON THE COURT - Trial attorneys for Davidson relied on the expert opinion of Warren Stewart Bennett, who was paid by the Court's as a crime scene expert and a forensic scientist. Bennett, without any proper training, purportedly agreed with the police's version of how Wallie Howard was killed which inhibited Davidson from presenting a proper defense.

EXPERT SAYS WALLIE HOWARD KILLED BY "FRIENDLY FIRE" - For eight (8) years, the autopsy and medical reports remained hidden in Davidson's case. Since then to date, "NO BALLISTICS REPORT" has been proffered. Upon discovery and review of said report(s), top forensic scientist submitted a report to the Court, shockingly declaring that Officer Howard was killed by "FRIENDLY FIRE" i.e., another police officer.

WAS WALLIE HOWARD ASSASSINATED? - There still remains a mystery surrounding the death of Wallie Howard. Many local Syracusans believe that Wallie Howard was set-up and "ASSASSINATED," because he was internally investigating the Police Department for a large quantity of drugs that allegedly turned up missing from police custody.

DAVIDSON WAS NOT AT THE SCENE OF THE CRIME - At the time when Howard was killed, Davidson was in New York City concentrating on his music career. However, overzealous prosecutors decided to apply the Racketeering/Conspiracy harsh drug laws to convict Jaime Davidson.

JUDGE McCURN TAKES AWAY DAVIDSON'S CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS - After months of litigating his own Habeas Corpus case, overcoming the AEDPA (Antiterrorist Act of 1996), proving ineffective assistance of counsel and racial profiling i.e., where counsel was caught on and off record using the racial slur "YOU PEOPLE!" etc. Judge McCurn had rendered an unjust ruling, banning Davidson from filing any additional newly discovered evidence that would result in him being GRANTED a Hearing -- later VACATED by the 2nd Circuit Appeals Court.

MOST IMPACTING ORDER HANDED DOWN BY JUDGE McCURN - On June 13th, 2003, Senior Judge McCurn, NDNY, ruled that "On May 6,2003 one Angela Brown, Executive Director for the Youth Task Force, filed with the court a cassette tape and alleged transcript of a recorded interview of David A. Rigle, MD [Government's Expert] which concerned the physical situation at the scene of the shooting of Agent Howard and Dr. Rigle's expert consideration thereof and conclusions in relation thereto which allegedly 'SUPPORT PETITIONER'S POSITION THAT THE MURDER OF AGENT HOWARD WAS NOT OCCASIONED BY THE DEFENDANTS ON TRIAL' therefor, but 'BY ACTIVITIES OF CO-LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS OF DECEASED AGENT HOWARD.' It is based on these conclusions of Dr. Rigle that Petitioner [Davidson] claims he should be entitled to a new evidentiary hearing to establish his innocence as a result thereof. "Davidson is seeking a "BALLISTICS EXAMINATION."

JUDGE McCURN BECOMES AN ACCOMPLICE TO THE FRAUD COMMITTED UPON THE COURT - After political pressure pours down on Judge McCurn from his colleagues (who he owes his allegiance to, as a Syracusan himself), said Judge in question has recently rendered a shocking decision on October 17, 2003 -- ignoring Dr. Rigle's tape recorded conversation concessions, piecemealing (separating into different parts/sections), Davidson's overall Motion for New Trial with supporting motions of same, and transferred it to the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit (with an incomplete record to cover up the true facts and deceive those Justices) i.e., for Certification to allege that said motion is a "SECOND OR SUCCESSIVE HABEAS PETITION," to be procedurally barred and later DENIED. This move by Judge McCurn has clearly under minded his entire June 13th, 2003 Order -- and once again, on January 16th, 2004, Judge McCurn has relinquished Davidson's Constitutional Rights from ever filing another Document in his court -- [to put to rest, once and for all, every piece of Newly Discovered Evidence proving Davidson's factual innocence]. Judge McCurn's biasness and prejudice, showing favoritism towards the Government has grown, since Davidson filed a Petition on Judicial Misconduct and Mental Disability against him (seeking his Certification of Retirement/Resignation...). On February 5th, 2004, the federal Court of Appeals in N.Y. DENIED Jaime's motion.., REVERSING its own Second Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court precedences [not only HARMING Davidson, but also "THOUSANDS OF MINORITY PRO-SE LITIGANTS NATIONWIDE EQUALLY SITUATED"]. Jaime Davidson for the first time, since litigating his Post-Conviction Motions, was able to acquire the professional legal services of Mrs. Betina Shein, Esq. (a High Profile N.Y.C. based Attorney), to file a Petition for Rehearing (Reconsideration by the same 3 Justices) and Rehearing En Banc (Reconsideration before the entire seven (7) Justices Panel of the Second Circuit), requesting to be granted "ORAL ARGUMENTS," to finally argue Davidson's claims proving his innocence on their full merits. The aforementioned derives from the fact that the District Court and Second Circuit Court of Appeals just to deny Davidson's case, it resorted by "OVERTURNING" their own precedences and U.S. Supreme Court established precedences as well, with an "UNPUBLISHED OPINION," in order to keep the world blind; knowing that Davidson's case being heard on its full merits, means that thousands of cases nationwide would be affected and a number of Government Officials would end up going to jail....




Make all donations payable to: FREE GRINGO LEGAL DEFENSE FUND/(FGLDF)

260 Madison Avenue, 20th Floor
New York, New York 10016

For more information, please feel free to call Mrs. Schein at:

Mrs. Bettina Schein, Esq.
(212) 679-6605

This very powerful Brother, still working to make a difference despite his illegal imprisonment need your help... NOW!

The once famed New York City Spanish/English, Reggae Artist signed with J&N Records/Sony Discos had released his first album months before he was convicted. It is believed that he was making significant moves in the City of Syracuse and the "POWERS THAT BE" framed and set him up as a way to control the Hip-Hop influence in Syracuse; and, it can be seen by his actions now, contributing to society's plights from behind the walls. Had Davidson been allowed to continue his music career, he would have been one of the most powerful bilingual Reggae Artists in the United States.

In addition to his signing with Sony Discos, Davidson's generosity was evident [as still seen today by his charitable contributions and fund-raisers in prison, proving that prisoners do feel society's pain], as he often serviced the college community by doing free concerts and loaning his equipment for fundraising events.



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