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My name is Phil and I am in hopes that after the State has held me for over 28 years on a 25-to Life sentence that has fully rehabilitated me, that: someone in the legal field may look into my case. The Parole Board does not seem like they have actually looked at my progress and programming the victims “now” have admitted that the man I shot and killed “did” have guns with him at the time of my crime.

At trial they all said that the victim never even owed a gun, which I knew different, but could not prove “until” my first Parole Board, of which I have on CD. I am sorry for killing my wife’s paramour and assaulting her afterwards. She divorced me during trial and our families have suffered so much my heart has been crushed due to my action. I was a 27-year old young man then. I am a 58-year old man now. I have “no” priors, Parole Board says I do. Parole Board uses the same reasons for denials. I am ex-Army, Airborne-Infantry, with PTSD. I used self defense and crime of passion. Thank you.

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Phillip Lee Carson
ASPC - Eyman / Cook
PO Box 3200
Florence, AZ 85132

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