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Complaint #CMPD

* 2006 0731-1737-00 (Battery Misd)

* On September 27, 2006 - Demographic Screen. Reporting Officer Aleta Dunbar #001540 requested same entered date/time 1328. (ADA) Kelly Miller rejected case for Prosecution Insufficient Evidence closed case, clearing it exceptionally in demographic screen.

* On September 28, 2006 Detective A.D. Dunbar was mad at (ADA), took out warrant for my arrest thru (her close friend) Magistrate, get false conviction.

* May 2006 Karen Brown (Mother) of my accuser Drequanna Brown coerced her to lie to Police (CMPD) about home invasion (Scam, fraud) to get thousands of dollars from agency’s, etc. I have material evidence, to prove Karen Brown and her daughter faked 2006 home invasion. Will testify!

* 2006-2007 (Battery Misd) Superior Court Trial Judge James E. Lanning residing over case. There was a mistrial! 2nd Trial a Juror who was my client (Cut his hair). Def. Atty. Roderick Wright refused, tell judge! Also (3) Subpoena eyewitnesses, that were at the scene of alleged crime never got to testify to prove my innocence (Why?). Served max time (5 mo’s). I want to be exonerated on 2006-2007 case. Indictment is libelous (NC Gen Stat §15-168).

* Complaint # Charlotte-Mecklenburg-Police Dept.

* 2009 0726-0635-00
July 26, 2009 female accusers and gang midnight burglary and armed robbed family salon twice.

* Complaint # 09CRS 236616 Case # 2009 0726-1613-00: Same day female accusers filed false Police report, kidnap, gun point and rape! To cover up their crimes at salon. Days later I was arrested by V-Cat and CMPD.

* August 10, 2009 Judge William Belk issued (6 Mil Bond). Weeks later he was forced to step down from bench for corruption!

* August 21, 2009: Grand Jury issued indictment

* November 3, 2011: NC State Bar Letter (Investigation) states your case has never been before a Grand Jury. (RE: Attorney Haakon Thorsen).

* March 9, 2010: Interview of Traci Lindsey (Accuser) by US Asst. Attorney Kim Lani Ford and Lead Det. T. Armstrong, video tape recorded accuser recants story, admits her uncle molested her, and names another suspect named Ray raped her same day and day after (In his twenty’s). She admits her girlfriend (Shauquetta Digsby) told her to make up story or what to say!

* Want conviction overturned (Gen. Stat. §15A-269)

Write to me at:

Duncan Ray Bynum
#0060364 / JA 45
Alexander Correctional Inst.
633 Old Landfill Rd.
Taylorsville, NC 28681

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Additional Exhibits
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