Jermaine Burkhalter CF-2009-3618


I am addressing you this brief letter seeking legal representation. I am presently incarcerated in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections for a crime that I did not commit and that several of my Constitutional Rights were violated.

I believe that there was prosecutorial misconduct – even committed illegal acts “Gross Partiality,” Ineffective Assistance of Counsel, Double Jeopardy and Hearsay that caused my crime and punishment to be unjust. I would like to know if you would review my case. I am not well-versed in the law and do not know how to defend against the injustice that I have been subjected to, which is why I have addressed you this letter.

I hope and pray that you can give me some assistance in this matter and the same evidence test, allowing me to be convicted for the same crimes and dates of events, of which I received two different punishments for the alleged same acts.

Thank you for your time, effort and consideration in this matter.

-Jermaine Burkhalter, Sr.

Write to me at:

Jermaine Mendez Burkhalter
#200883 / 7D-217
Lawton Correctional Facility
8607 SE Flower Mound Road
Lawton, OK 73501

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