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Hi, my name is D'ron Botts. I'm 30 years of age and I have been wrongfully convicted since the age of 21. There's only very few people in this world that can understand what it is that I am actually going through, and there's only a handful of people that have escaped this terrible nightmare giving the rest of us who still live it hope. I try to stay positive and be optimistic in a place where it seems impossible. Everyday is a battle and a struggle, so I pray constantly for strength, considering that it's hard to prove your innocence from within a jail cell.

I'm constantly faced with an up heel battle even with all the frustrations and heartache I keep going, putting one foot in front of the other, because I have to. I have to keep trying and not allow myself to get caught up in all the hatred, negative energy and cynicism that surrounds me. I'm intent on making my days count as opposed to just simply counting my days; May 23, 2007 I was sentenced to 30 to Life in California State Prison, & the only evidence used to convict me was all circumstantial; The detectives used a tainted suggestive six pack line up depicting me as the darkest African American in the line up and because of it I was picked out, not because I committed the crime but because I stood out from the others. I didn't stand a chance with the mistaken identity defense my defense attorney presented at trial. He didn't even have the common sense to have or hire an Identification Expert to testify at my trial. The accuracy of the eyewitness testimony since they did pick me out of a line up & seven months later after the crime took place; not to mention the perp who committed the crime was heavily disguised; No physical evidence existed in my case but yet and still I was convicted beyond a reasonable doubt? No one truly knows the coercion that goes on behind closed doors involving a six pack line up or the coaching that goes along with the eyewitnesses!

I'm looking for a good investigator who will interview all of my witnesses on my behalf. And even the ones that did not testify and see if they had any help or coaching with their decision. I'm also looking for an Identification Expert to evaluate my case and give his or her professional synopsis of the entirety of the facts of the case and last but not lease I invite anyone who's willing to assist me on my journey to proving my innocence, please contact me as or right now. I'm (Pro-per) doing my own case.

I thank you in advance for your courtesy and time, thanks for stopping by.

Respectfully Submitted,
-Mr. D'ron Botts

Write to me at:

D'Ron DeVawn Botts
#F77256 / 4A-1B-203
California Correctional Inst.
PO Box 1902
Tehachapi, CA 93581

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