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I was indicted for possession of cocaine, distribution and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. I was arrested in Key West, Florida. I went to trial and I was never offered a plea. During trial, my lawyer was arguing that I was not a career offender based on the simple fact my two prior convictions which are (SALE OF COCAINE and ESCAPE). He argued that my prior escape was not a crime of violence under the RESIDUAL CLAUSE. The courts agreed with the DA knowing that they was wrong. I was sentenced to 240 months.

I've been fighting since day one. I never gave up because I know that I have a 2nd chance at life. It’s just hard because with out a lawyer to fight for you, you really cant get nothing done the right way. I've been depending on jail house lawyers, only to end up with zero results. I know I can get some play in the courts because last year. The RESIDUAL CLAUSE was deleted from the UNITED STATES SENTENCING GUIDELINES. with out the career offender status, that would leave me with 63- 78 months.

I got 8 years in. that means I would be released immediately. I filed a 3582 motion with the help of a jail house lawyer on august 3rd last year. I haven't heard anything yet. There are plenty of ways that I can get back. I just don't have money to retain a proper counsel.

My hope is high and my faith is with god. All I can do is pray that he sends help my way.

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Shawn Bailey
#39491-004 / C-1
FCI - Coleman Medium
PO Box 1032
Coleman, FL 33521

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