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Case No. CR98-307 Lincoln County District Court
S-07-1117 Nebraska Supreme Court
S-16-959 Nebraska Supreme Court

Hello, my name is Jay D. Amaya. Please help set an innocent man free from prison.

Some facts about my case: July 16, 1998 Sheri Fhuere was found deceased at her home by Michael Long (Case No. CR98-306).

July 17, 1998 I was arrested for her death. I was 20 years old. I was pressured and tricked into taking a deal I didn’t want or I would be put to death be electrocution.

October 19, 1999 I plead no contest to first degree murder, first degree sexual assault, and use of a weapon to commit a felony.

November 19, 1999 I was sentenced to life plus 30-60 years total.

2006 I filed my first post-conviction. I had no paperwork on my case so the claims were vague. It was denied.

2007 I appealed that decision to the Supreme Court. It was affirmed.

2014-2016 I gradually received some depositions, police and lab reports, lawyer notes, etc.

2016 I filed a successive post-conviction with the new evidence and the documentation to back it up. It was denied by the same judge.

2016 I appealed that decision to the Supreme Court. It is currently on the August-September call sheet for oral arguments.

Within the small amount of paperwork I do have, I have found many things that help prove my innocence. The courts refuse to send my complete file, even upon several requests. Within those it will further prove my claim of innocence.

There are several things I believe are important but the number 1 area is surrounding the DNA in this case. I have found 1) contamination at the scene and on the suspects. 2) mislabeling/handling of evidence. 3) multiple samples out on counter next to each other at the same time. 4) multiple evidence with the same evidence number. 5) negative presumptive test at one lab becomes positive at the next. 6) DNA Loci being marked off computer generated graph and not shown on any other forms. 7) other persons DNA on evidence, yet when told who’s to test the courts refuse to do so. And the list goes on. 8) Testing was done in 1999 with, at the time, new technology.

There are several other discrepancies that I as an uneducated individual have been able to uncover so with your help I know there is more.

If you are interested in helping right a wrong or want further information I am more than willing to make copies of what you need and to answer any questions you may have. PLEASE contact me at the below address. Thank you for your time.

Write to me at:

Jay Dean Amaya
#53158 / 3-C-20
PO Box 900
Tecumseh, NE 68450-0900

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