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After having served almost 8 years in prison, I need someone to help undo the damage that’s been done. I reissued case, appeal, supreme, habeas, writ a mandamus, and an improperly prepared 6.500 motion.

I’M WRONGFULLY CONVICTED! 32-50 years consecutively for armed robbery and assault with intent to rob while armed.

No evidence a crime even occurred! Perjured testimony of a girl and her girlfriend. They told police a week prior to arrest, my male friend and I beat and robbed them. Saying we gambled at the casino and she allegedly lost my last 4 hundred dollar chips. Truth be told. I gave her 90 oxycontins. She owed me $4,000.00 and did not want to pay. She called me to pick up the money owed to me and I was then arrested.

I was convicted under the aiding and abetting theory. However, my male friend’s case was dismissed before trial because his alibi of being in jail at the time of alleged incident was proven. This is illogical and inconsistent with fact and truth.

I am looking to be exonerated of all charges. Any further info you need feel free to Jpay, write, or visit. Thank you for your time and attention.

Write to me at:

Tamerra Marie Washington
Women's Huron Valley Corr Fac
3201 Bemis Rd
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

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