Educated, down-to-earth, spiritually grounded prisoner seeking outside help with forensics experts.

The State withheld exculpatory evidence crucial to Rhonda’s defense. The victim had a fist full of body hairs recovered during the autopsy, that were never revealed to Rhonda, and her defense attorney never acknowledged them. From the start Rhonda has maintained that there were two men there with her ex, hired hit men to kill her, but her defense lawyer said there was no evidence to support this notion.

Rhonda had another lawyer and a Private Investigator, who will be giving her new attorney an affidavit about these two men. There was two African American hairs found under his body, in the hallway upstairs, and he had his left hand full of brown body hairs (Caucasian)… this would have supported the defense and Rhonda would not be in prison today.

We need to LUMINOL test her clothes, because the DA’s said she stood over her ex and shot him 10 times. The Autopsy reveals 3 wounds successive to the ELBOW, through and through, and FIVE wounds in his abdomen. There was no blowback blood on her clothing.

A copy of all the perjured testimony, false forensics, new forensics, and other important financial documents are in the PDF file. By clicking on the link below, you can upload these documents and read them for yourself.

Rhonda was cleared before trial from the “bipolar” diagnosis, and was said to be suffering from a “psychosis”due to medication she never should have been prescribed. So, the State tried her as a bipolar woman. This is a constitutional violation and this error alone will grant her a new trial, but there are over 40 errors. Everyone involved in Rhonda’s conviction has left the DA’s office, so fresh eyes will see the way they defended a vile, evil man like Jimmy Joste was. He was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and Gail Van Winkle DA acted like a scorned lover in the courtroom, lying on every turn to make Rhonda look like the villainess.

The media has taken off with the DA’s lies, and have slandered Rhonda. We are in the process of seeking legal help to sue them all. They have interviewed Burl Barer, who lied on the back cover of his book about Rhonda’s case, stating those exact lies mentioned above and degraded her character saying she was a gold digging tramp. The documents you will see prove that the State’s witnesses were all up on the stand committing perjury, and the State’s DA’s KNOWINGLY offering perjured testimony, and vouching for all their witnesses too!

After you peruse these pages, if you are willing to help Rhonda’s lawyer, you can write to Rhonda at her unit and she will put you in touch with her attorney. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

If you would like to reach out to her and encourage her to stay strong, she would love to hear from you.

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*One of Rhonda’s previous appeal lawyers has been disbarred. Kevin Fine, JD-One caught, 3 to go!!! Judicial Corruption in Austin on the rise!

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