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About Composite Magic Photos
Why is a design fee charged for the removal of images from the original photographs?

It is very time-consuming to remove images from the original photos. This work is done by a graphic designer, and each image removed may take up to 1/2 hour of time, depending on the number of people in the original photo. We have done everything possible to keep this fee as low as possible, to keep the overall cost affordable for everyone.


How can I get the best value for my money when ordering Composite Magic Photos?

Since a small graphic design fee is charged for each person removed from the ORIGINAL photo(s), ordering the same image on several different backgrounds (to a limit of 4 backgrounds), will give you the best value for your money. You don't pay extra to have different backgrounds; only for the removal of the original image. You'll be amazed at how one original photo placed in many different photo background locations will look completely different! See Before & After Photos Samples for examples!

In w hat sizes are the photos available?

2" x 3" Wallet, 3-1/2" x 5" and 5" x 7"

Can clothing be changed (i.e., color of existing clothing or new clothing substituted?)
No, our service is limited to moving images from one photo into a new photo background. Although we can eliminate things like numbers, and ID tags.

If a photo was originally taken indoors, can we choose an outdoor background?

Yes. We can lighten and darken the original image (to a point), but ideally indoor photos should be placed on indoor backgrounds, and outdoor images will work best placed on outdoor backgrounds. The exception is if an outdoor photo was taken on an overcast day. Then it will work very well placed on an indoor background. Also if you have an indoor photo that you would like to place on a darker outdoor background (one with shadows and not a lot of sunlight), that will also work well.

When selecting your new background, please keep in mind:

Although we are able to lighten and darken images from original photos to match that of the new background where the image will be placed, here are some tips that will make your photos come out closest to being originals.

  • Original photos taken indoors work best when placed on indoor backgrounds

  • Outdoor photos may be placed in indoor backgrounds if the original photos are slightly best when using a photo taken on an overcast day. If image is too bright (from a very sunny day), it may not look real when placing them indoors

  • When selecting an outdoor location, make sure your indoor photo is not too dark. Again too much darkness placed on a sunny backdrop will make the photo seem unbelievable

  • Full body images are needed to work with (head to toe) ... we don't you to choose a new photo background requiring your feet to be standing on the ground, and your original photo was cut off below the knees!

  • Any questions at all, just email us or write for more information! We're here to help!

Is it better if I provide you with a photo of us sitting or standing?

When choosing a new photo background, try and choose a photo location that would fit in with your original pose. If you are seated in your original photo, choose a photo background with a place suitable for seating. Currently, there are only three photo backgrounds that will work with seated photos, Hawaiian Sunset, Terrace in Acapulco, St. Croix Lake. All other photos will work best when individuals are standing in the original photos.

Visit our Photo Gallery of Background Photos for all of our beautiful background locations, grouped by category for your ease of use!


How do I go about placing an order?

Simply go to Place An Order. This page will provide you both with a link to an order form that you may print, and very easy-to-follow instructions for completing the form and submitting your photo order! Any questions at all, just email us and we'll be happy to help you!


Do you offer any type of guarantee on your Composite Magic Photos?
Yes. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for quality and workmanship (if the photo you provide for us is unclear or does not work with the background you selected, we will contact you prior to completing your order). We want you to be happy with your photos, so that you'll refer others to our unique service!