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DOB: 04-04-1996
RACE: Other
HEIGHT: 6' 0"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Light Brown

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Martell Poindexter-El

General Mailing Address:
FCI - Gilmer
PO Box 6000
Glenville WV 26351

RESET could be described in more than a few dozen different ways. That’s depending on what it is we talking about. If I looked in a dictionary or something I would probably find that it’s defined as a restart, or maybe as the continuation after a brief pause or interruption of my regular scheduled program.

I think about Call Of Duty and some dude knocking my block off. In as many ways it is to die there’s an equal amount of how many times to respawn, or reset. I’m reminded of my SNES and that purple rectangle I’d push up in order to reset the system when the TV screen froze and needed a necessary restart. How many times did Mario get stuck in one of his little worlds right when me and my homeboys looked like we was making some real progress getting ready to kick Koopa’s ass?! A lot.

The difference between a videogame and real life is obvious tho. Ain’t no pause button on the controller or option to call a timeout when shit get thick. Tom Cruise or Denzel can’t even act their way through the reality-check we ALL going through right now. 

My life switched to a different channel back in 2015. Me being honest – pride, selfishness, and plain stupidity all led me to my reckoning period. And as time moves along, it is the observance of others around me that attest I’ve reset & replaced those negative traits with positive attributes to be very proud of, today.

I just say I’m growing.

With all that’s going on in our own worlds, growth is tantamount. “Get-Big-Mushrooms” are everywhere! Just like in Mario-N-Luigi, if I’m too slow I’ll miss the opportunity to access bigger and better proportions of my reality.

And for the greatest time ever, beyond the wall or not, we’ve all somewhat been handed our own remotes to help navigate this life. It’s called a Smart Phone. Duh. 

You’ve Found Me.

Life’s too short to be indecisive about shitake or Portobello. smiley

… getting back to our regularly scheduled program…



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Sexual Orientation: Straight

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