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DOB: 10-03-1973
RACE: African-American
HEIGHT: 5' 5"
HAIR: Bald
EYES: Brown

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Odell Barksdale-Powell

General Mailing Address:
#11242 / W-23
MHFPC Hospital
2834 Rte 17 M, Box 158
New Hampton NY 10958

Diiiing dooong!

Hold on I’ll be right there! Hmmm, I wonder who that could be ringing the doorbell at such an odd hour… Who is it? Oh it’s you….. Just a second let me unlock the door. Hello and welcome to my humble abode. Well don’t just stand there come in, have a seat and make yourself comfortable. I anxiously awaited your arrival. Can I offer you a beverage? I prefer non-alcohol (I don’t drink, it impairs your judgment. I don’t smoke either). So how about a Snapple Apple? Here you go. Okay now that we are all settled in we can embark on a journey through my past, present and hopeful future. By now you already know my name and age but as far as my background is concerned… That is a tough avenue to walk down – literally. I am from East New York in Brooklyn, New York City (Williams Avenue to be exact) and have been on my own since I was 14 years old but that did not stop me from going to school. I don’t have any children (My daughter passed away in 1999) and the only family I correspond with are two of my cousins and my older sister. 

What I am currently incarcerated for you ask? Well I’ve been locked up for the past eight years for criminal possession of a loaded firearm in which case my lawyer told me if I pled insanity that I would do six months in a maximum security prison/hospital. Well as you can see it did not turn out the way she said it would and now I feel as if I were sold the Brooklyn Bridge for five dollars (S.M.H). Just when I thought I’ve seen all there was to see here I see something new. I go to hearings every 1 to 2 years to determine rather or not I’m ready to move on to a less secure facility in which I could earn day and weekend passes, ETC., until I am totally reintegrated back into society. 

While here however I go to programs, work out six times a week (I take pride in keeping fit, what about you?), I study Spanish and The Diagnostic Statistical Manuel of Mental Disorders, write poetry and am currently writing two books.

So what makes you happy and keeps a smile on your face? Are you a strong person emotionally and psychologically? Are you optimistic or pessimistic and quick to judge? I’m a very compassionate person and also a natural protector, and a big fan of the truth, honor, loyalty and devotion. What about you? I am interested in establishing friendships with females who have a wonderful sense of humor (You know kind of silly), intelligent, with a beautiful heart. Is this you? I’ll wait for you to finish your drink to hear your answer (LOL). Well… I’m waiting. Oh while I’m waiting for your response I thought I would take the time out to share one of my poems with you… I hope you like it.

The Best Pasta Ever.

Pardon me for staring / it came as natural as my breath / I hope my gaze did not betray my thoughts / or even more what’s in my chest.

So here’s my apology / to you and believe me / the last thing I wanted / was to make you feel uneasy. 

But who can blame a sane mind / for seeing so profound / am I not supposed to be perceptive / to the ingredients I’ve found?

Should I ignore a smile / able to disarm a full scale war / combined with a personality / prepared in a kitchen through heaven’s doors?

From the same stove that brought us / Italy and Sicily / she’s the best pasta ever, / since lasagna and baked ziti.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Straight Female ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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